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Optimisation of algorithms of adaptive traffic light control system in urban areas

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The project deals with implementation and optimisation of algorithms for adaptive traffic management in urban areas. The project aim is to create a SW module with algorithms adapted to the traffic conditions of driver behaviour in the Czech Republic. The module will compare the effectiveness of real-time control of single signalised intersections with traffic demand and decide on the choice of the signal plan and its variable strategy with an emphasis on minimising delays on the transport network.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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  • Software module of optimised adaptive traffic control - this software module is designed as a universally applicable tool, a computer programme, consisting of two software libraries: a library for predicting traffic volume and a library for calculating the quality parametres of the traffic control and its optimisation. Both libraries are usable in eDaptiva system as well as in any third-party system running in an appropriate software environment and providing the input data in a proper way. The first library (Utc.TrafficServices.DetectorDataValidation) provides an interface to calculate prediction data of detectors using an algorithm based on exponential smoothing of intensities and their differences. Predicted intensity data represent a basis for further calculations of adaptive traffic control module. The second library (CrossPtc.Hbs2001) takes care of a capacity calculation according to the HBS 2001 model, and the calculation of adaptive control at isolated intersection and/or at the intersection in coordination. Capacity calculations serve as the basis for further calculations of intersections in coordination, or to select the best signal plan for the intersection depending on traffic volumes.


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