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Personalised mobility, assistance and service systems in an ageing society

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Background & Policy context

The following applies to all generations: unlimited individual mobility is crucial for social exchange and participation. A self-determined life in old age therefore requires support in coping with distances.


The aim of the PASSAge project is to develop an assistance system for the elderly that promotes individual mobility while supporting safety, comfort and health. The modular, personalisable mobility system is integrated into the user environment to provide inconspicuous support and enhance the quality of life. One of the focal points of PASSAge is the barrier-free accessibility and use of public transport for the elderly and people with limited mobility. In order to attract and retain them as customers, it is necessary to have optimal accessibility to all means of transport. Various (mostly) electrically operated small and micro vehicles are tested for this purpose. The aim is to achieve an intuitive usability of the available mobility resources with the aid of augmented reality technologies and thus promote the use of mobility-related services. Another focal point is the development of a mobile navigation and health care system for which a universally applicable smartphone is used.

PASSAge is developing an "all-round companion" that can also assist in the domestic and public sectors irrespective of its use in vehicles and supports the independent lifestyle of users.


At the beginning, existing mobility and navigation concepts were analysed and requirements of elderly users were defined. After developing a mobility concept, which includes different living areas (home, living environment, district, surrounding area), different prototypes were developed and tested with users (elderly people).


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Findings of the study are published in detail by several final reports (German only) which are available online via the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB):

Citysax Mobility GmbH:

Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG:

Haag Reha-Engeneering GmbH & Co. KG:

HMM-Diagnostics GmbH:

"In line with the project PASSAge a data collecting device should be developed, which can be used within the Use Cases of this project and simultaneously be able to collect vital data. Additionally HMM will have a focus on the "sensoric“ topic, besides of the production of this data collecting device. As hardware specialist in the fields of medical technology additional sensors for collecting vital data should be developed, to expand the portfolio of HMM. In cooperation with the partners of this project field-tests and use-cases have been carried-out. The results of these studies enabled the development of new products and components, which have now found usage inside and outside of this project. Among these products is a funk-module, which has been integrated in several diagnostic devices. During the development of the devices the future usage has always been in focus. Especially it should be noted, that not only the targeted group of elderly in this project will have a future use of these developments. Also the public will have a common use now and in the future."

Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich:

Technical University of Munich:

"Main result of this part of the project was the development of a HealthPhone system concept, which was adapted to special requirements of elderly people (e.g., a special user interface, additional navigation instructions) and which included a specific fitness-app to improve fitness and health of elderly people with mobility limitations. The HealthPhone is connected to a special data platform with interfaces to other mobility aids and sensor data source of project partners. Further developments in PASSAge were adaptations of existing mobility aids within the home environment (robotics, stair walker) to improve independency at home. These developments also included interfaces to the living environment (e.g. electric cars)."

Metaio GmbH:

"The goal of the research project PASSAge was to develop an AAL system (ambient assisted living) through a modular, customizable mobility system which could be integrated into the individual user environment to support individual mobility as well as safety, comfort and health and thereby increasing quality of life. Securing mobility in old age should be achieved through the expansion of existing means of mobility through user-oriented components. Augmented Reality (AR) technology generally allows the overlay of virtual information into the real environment. As a basic technology AR can be used anywhere where spatial or additional information shall be communicated. Therefore, the focus for Metaio as the AR technology supplier in this research project, lay in the use of AR technology to secure and increase the mobility and self-determination in old age as part of the PASSage overall system. Here, technologies and solutions for users and service providers in this sector should be developed: intuitive AR-supported user guidance on products, shopping aids, navigation, and an AR-based planning tool for barrier-free homes."

SOPHIA with P. S. Südbayern non-profit GmbH:

"The PASSAge project describes a business model, including a bonus program, which determines the commercialization of the developed product and how it is implemented in the marketplace. Scenarios have been developed in order to find the perfect match between the needs of the market and the final product. The goal is to guarantee that the products by themselves are as appealing by themselves, as they are as a complete package. They are also to be offered for the best value for money. In order to promote activity and mobility, the program and its products include a bonus program, where you can benefit from the gain of knowledge as an effective usage of the PASSAge products. It is a program that rewards the gain of knowledge, rather than the purchase of a product."


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