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Plans of the road construction Tinca-Zsadany

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Background & Policy context

Towns Tinca and Zsadany have a long cooperation history. They are tied to each other by more than just friendship. Their connections go as far as mutual investment plans and future cooperation for common growth on all levels, whether economic, cultural, educational, health care and integration, not to forget environmental issues and sustainable development.

The base of this common future and successful development is the infrastructure. The need for decent roads is a vital one. It is well documented that roads go hand in hand with civilisation and prosperity. By no means isolation (limited access to health care, education, good jobs and all the other benefits a developing economy offer) and poverty do not live under the same roof with good planning and the access to the means to make them reality. It is obvious that the improvement of the road is a necessity for both communes Tinca and Zsadany.


General objective of the project is improving the cross-border rural roads for better transport of people and goods and for easier access.

Target groups (direct beneficiaries): population of both villages benefit directly from the project, a total of 9281 people (in the village of Tinca total of 7474 persons in the three localities: Belfir, Gurbediu, Girișu Negru, Râpa, Tinca and 1807 inhabitants in Zsadány). They have better access to the regional economy, education, services, labour market and benefit from: reduced time on the road and from new links to others, better integration.

Other beneficiaries: small and medium size enterprises from the area that have a new incentive to invest here on the basis of the level and quality of infrastructure (140); institutions which implement the project (Local Government Zsadány and Village Hall Tinca); transport operators which could find new routes to cover these communes (23).

First, the problems and needs of the community were targeted, and then the specific groups were identified and selected as target groups on the ground of their relevance to the project’s objectives.


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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