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Preparation of a national development strategy of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

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Background & Policy context

Today the development of ITS systems and services in Hungary  is generally fragmented. The systems do not communicate with eachother, it cannot be a single system to provide services.

In order to have a sustainable transportation system in Hungary, an ITS customer-friendly system is required for the transport sub-sectors involved in a multi-modal approach, taking into account a wide range of tests based and  on professional grounds produced components.


The aim of the project is to prepare Hungary long-term and medium-term development strategy of the National Intelligent Transportation Systems that transforms the long and medium-term sectoral transport tasks to be implemented in the near future and establishes lines of development taking into account a long-term vision.

The Strategy provides an opportunity to align the new Operational Program for transport projects with strategic system. The preparation of the Strategy has to support the Integrated Operational Program for Transport Development (IKOP) and the realization of its horizontal objectives:

  • improvement of traffic safety,
  • development of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient systems to ensure the sustainability-conscious infrastructure development,
  • the use of ITS.


Funding Source
Hungary state budget


The overall result of the project is the definition of the technical dispositions and intervention sites for the construction and development of intelligent transport systems and services in the transport sector  creating a more efficient, greener, safer goods and passenger transport, service-based, comprehensive information and communication system.

Building on the existing infrastructure of the ITS strategy provides guidance on the development of systems that traffic management, transport organization allow balanced traffic and help the road users convenient multiple functions (positioning, electronic ticketing, pre-calculation and ticket purchase full travel, transport length).


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