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Preventive-educational program "the click - habits of responsible behavior"

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Background & Policy context

In road transport term, Croatia is considered a high-risk country. Among the 28 EU countries, with 82 killed per million inhabitants (2015), Croatia occupies 25th place. In the Bulletin of road safety in the statistics of casualties on the roads in 2015 it was stated that of the 164 fatally injured drivers and passengers in the car, 65 (39.6%) did not use a seat belt. This data, among other things prove that not wearing seat belts is dangerous, irresponsible and rude behaviour that is reflected in relation to:
· Own family and friends,
· Other road users,
· Services that care for the health and safety of road users and
· Community that bears the losses and costs incurred as a result of starvation.


The purpose of the "CLICK" is the acquisition of competence, knowledge of safety and security measures and actions before and during the riding or being transported by vehicles, as well as the development of skills of those responsible and safe behaviour in traffic.

The project affects the behaviour of high school students, adopting and acquiring positive attitudes about their vulnerability in traffic. 


During the second term of the academic year 2015/2016 and the first term of the academic year 2016/2017 the program was implemented in nine counties, including the city of Zagreb. Experts of HAK during the 55 working days in 49 high schools and the Faculty of Traffic Sciences held one or more lectures (up to 4 lectures) and practical exercises for 4,071 students.


HAK experts in the introduction of the interactive lecture explained to students the meaning and purposefulness of the safety belt in traffic. Using real life examples and stories they explained how the seat belt in a vehicle is not only a legal obligation for the driver and passengers, but also an element of general and personal culture. Pupils, students and teachers on this occasion joined the global campaign SaveKidsLive. 
During the second hour of school instructors and demonstrators HAK and automobile clubs students present effects of traffic accidents in controlled conditions on simulators and rollover crashes.


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