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The project for the Reconstruction of Põltsamaa Road and Võhma Intersections.

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The objective of the work project for the Reconstruction of the State Road No. 49 Imavere – Viljandi – Karksi-Nuia km 17.95 - 18.75, Põltsamaa Road and Võhma Intersections prepared within this final paper is to increase the traffic safety and driving convenience of the state road No. 49 (km 17.95—18.75) and Põltsamaa Road and Võhma intersections, improving the load bearing capacity of the roads and specifying the necessary road area.



A technically optimal, economically rational and legally permissible solution will be established in cooperation with all parties of the project: the customer, land owners, representatives of local governments, possessors of communications, road users, real-estate developers etc.

According to the 2013 survey, the average road use frequency of the section km 17.95 – 18.499 is 2,585 cars per 24 hours, on the section 18.499 – 18.75 it is 2,628 cars per 24 hours. On the km 18.21 – 18.74, the enacted speed limit is 70 km/h.

At the section of km 18.137, there is a T–shaped intersection to the left with the connecting road No. 38 Põltsamaa – Võhma, and on km 18.499 a T-shaped intersection to the right with the secondary road No. 24112 Jaska – Võhma, which together form a joint intersection area.

Beside the section is a popular eatery, wherefore vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles, park on both sides of the road.

The road safety inspection prepared by OÜ Reaalprojekt specified the problematic and dangerous places on the section to be reconstructed, which were taken into consideration when preparing a new solution in the project. The drawings of the project include the location plans of the section to be reconstructed along with traffic controls, vertical plan with technical networks, typical cross-sections, working cross- sections, placement and location scheme, longitudinal profiles, designed pavement constructions along with symbols and a type drawing of the culvert. 


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