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Promotion and Procurment of Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles

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Background & Policy context

The Directive on the Promotion of Clean and Energy Efficient Road Transport Vehicles (2009/33/EC) applies to all purchases of road transport vehicles by public authorities or by transport operators charged with public service obligations. It introduces sustainability criteria in public procurement of vehicles. It requires taking into account energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions over the entire lifetime of vehicles in the purchase decision. The Clean Vehicle Portal ( has been set up by the Commission and EACI to support public procurement of vehicles as well as help private users in buying a cleaner and more energy efficient car. ProMotion aims to assist fleet operators and public authorities with implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD) and procurement of clean and energy-efficient vehicles by: capacity building amongst public authorities and fleet operators for the implementation of higher standards of energy and environmental performance in road transport vehicles, by providing support to specific procurement actions and by promoting the knowledge transfer and take-up of the outputs of the project.


To achieve these goals, Clean Fleets supports public authorities and fleet operators with tendering to achieve higher standards of energy and environmental performance in public road transport vehicles. This includes providing individual support with specific procurement actions and capacity building through trainings and exchange.

The Clean Fleets project assists public authorities and fleet operators with the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive and the procurement or leasing of clean and energy-efficient vehicles.

The project aims to accelerate a broad market introduction of vehicles with higher energy and environmental standards and thereby reduce energy consumption, noise, CO2 and pollutant emissions.

Clean Fleets will develop a guide on how to procure clean and energy-efficient vehicles in practice, following the Directive. The guide will be accompanied by a toolkit of resources, such as a modular training package, a life cycle costing tool, sample tenders and good practice examples.

Clean Fleets kicked off in September 2012 and will run for three years. It is funded by the European Commission Intelligent Energy Europe Initiative.


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  • An online exchange and help desk functions on the Clean Vehicle Portal;
  • Workshops and training reaching 350 people from public authorities, fleet operators and suppliers;
  • A CVD toolkit and adaptable training modules;
  • 20 public authorities and/or fleet operators commit themselves to develop a tender that goes further than the current legislation requires;
  • Raised awareness on the CVD and the ProMotion project.


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