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Proposal of new sophisticated 3D textile structures with elements of hi-tech and smart materials used for upholstery covering of car seats to improve their product capabilities

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The aim of the project is the development and production of new 3D textile structures used for the production of upholstery covering of car seats. The development will be realised by changing the materials, design and technological process of upholstery covering production. All these parametres synergically affect an overall seating comfort of the user. The presented project should result in bringing materials for textile seat covers with significantly improved product capabilities. In addition to the high level of basic required properties such as strength, abrasion, pilling, physiological properties (air permeability, water vapour permeability, heat resistance), organoleptic properties and attractive design, new 3D structure of a car seat cover should provide also protection against the effects of external influences, for example impact of bacteria, fungi, protection against UV radiation from electromagnetic smog and static electricity. Further the one should be good at absorption and elimination of odours, active surface cleaning (self-cleaning), flame retardancy, increased thermal and light stability and so on. Several ways of maximum achievement of the new 3D textile structure's potential are possible: nano chemical treatment both yarn and fabric, appropriate weave pattern designing, and at last by combination of mentioned methods. Further, research will be focused on the optimisation of structure possibilities and testing the effect of the distribution of individual structural pores in order to achieve the optimal ratio among the surface properties of the sheets, comfort and safety of the used materials. Elements of high-tech materials in combination with the technology for multilayer woven and knitted structures will be used in the development of new structures.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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