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Quantitative impacts of mobility pricing scenarios on mobility behaviour and spatial planning (SVI_2005_005)

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Background & Policy context

Many countries and regions are now discussing the introduction of mobility pricing as a possible solution for growing transport and environment problems. Mobility pricing means restructuring the pricing schema for motorized private transport (MPT) and public transport (PuT) to a more user charge system and in order to influence transport demand. For MPT this is also known as road pricing.


The results of this project will show the impacts of mobility pricing on the behaviour and the decisions of passengers in Switzerland. The analysis of the different scenarios will demonstrate which change in demand can be expected and which transport policy aims can be reached. Besides the overall demand changes the impacts on departure time, route, mode and destination choice will be calculated. Furthermore the project will give evidence on the impact of mobility pricing on the utilisation of the transport infrastructure, the spatial development and the environment.


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Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO / ASTRA / OFROU)
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Here is the final report of the project:

The research project developed a model to analyse several mobility pricing (MP)-scenarios for passenger transport; freight transport was not considered in the study.

The study scenarios were defined to provide information on different control strategies and finance goals. Therefore, demand is expected to react differently for the different scenarios. The project goal was to quantify the passenger transport demand reactions under the different scenarios and to estimate the effects on land use and the environment. The calculation and interpretation considered the entire country of Switzerland.


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