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Rauma fairway made more intelligent and safer

Rauma fairway made more intelligent and safer

Rauma fairway made more intelligent and safer

Background & policy context: 

Meritaito Ltd installed 33 smart beacons on the fairway maintained by the Finnish Transport Agency and the Port of Rauma. The new beacons increase the safety of the fairway and save money. Finland is an international pioneer in modernising marine safety equipment.

Rauma's busy fairway is one of the world's most modern sea routes. This is because in the autumn, 33 new beacons were installed in the fairway. From the beginning of October, pilots and the Maritime Transport Centre may adjust the light output of these new beacons. The light output can be easily adjusted even by smartphone.


Improving the safety of Rauma’s fairway was particularly important as the safe clearance depth of the fairway will increase from 10 meters to 12 meters in the new year. This means that ships calling at the port may be considerably larger than those visiting the port at present.

Intelligent beacons also save money for the organisation in charge if their maintenance, as the lights on the devices can be dimmed when there is no traffic on the fairway. This will improve the battery life of the beacons.

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