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Rehabilitation of the infrastructure of county road 504 Cernetu (DJ 506) – Alexandria (E 70), 42+060 kilometers – 53+834 kilometers, repair and reconstruction road PVN 1026, Zagrazhden – port Zagrazhden and repair municipal road IV 11,042 (PVN 1020)

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The project “Rehabilitation of the infrastructure of county road 504 Cernetu(DJ 506) – Alexandria(E 70), 42+060 km – 53+834 km,  repair and reconstruction Road PVN 1026, Zagrazhden-port Zagrazhden and repair municipal road ІV 11042(PVN 1020), Iskar- Slavovitsa, Pleven district, MIS-ETC code 119, with a total eligible value of 7,676,000 euro, renovated 12 km of county road, in Teleorman County, on the Romanian territory. Also, 4 km of municipal road were rehabilitated in Guliantzi and Dolna Mitropoliya, Pleven district, Bulgaria.

Specific objective: To improve physical and institutional infrastructure in connection with transport services in the border area

Specific objective 1: Improvement of the physic and institutional infrastructure in connection with the transport services in the border area to facilitate the accessibility to borders and the cross border traffic of goods and persons

Specific objective 2: Improvement of road traffic conditions at cross-border area through repair and reconstruction of Road PVN 1026

Specific objective 3: Improvement of the access to the crossing points on the Danube at Oriahovo – Beket and Nikopol – Turno Magurele through repair of Road PVN 1020

Specific objective 4: Tourism development on the both sides of the c (Gulyantsi and Dolna Mitropoliya Municipality, Pleven District in Bulgaria and Teleorman County in Romania)

Specific objective 5: Social and economic development of the cross-border region


Other Programme
Romania-Bulgaria CBC Programme 2007-2013
Funding Source
Romania-Bulgaria CBC Programme 2007-2013


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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