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Research and development of progressive sanding rail vehicle system

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The project aimed to develop a conceptual prototype design and verify a new progressive sanding system to ensure optimum adhesion between rail and the driving wheel of railway or tram vehicles. The prototype functionality and its technical parametres were verified in a trial operation by installation on a specific use at selected customer. The prototype technical development was based on applied research and experimental know-how in area of applied tribology.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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  • - Controll device for sanding systems of rail vehicles (utilty model) - the object of the protection is a Controll device for sanding systems of rail vehicles in which at least one axle forming a wheelset has the wheels provided with an apparatus for sanding, wherein the controll device comprises a controll unit and an operating and display panel.
  • - Lamellar air compressor (utilty model) - the object of the protection is a Lamellar air compressor which comprises a stator with a cylindrical internal cavity in which a rotor is arranged. The rotor axis of rotation is disposed eccentrically relative to the rotational axis of the cylindrical cavity of the stator, the outer periphery of the rotor is provided with longitudinal grooves parallel to these axes, wherein the longitudinal grooves are slidably mounted plates extending above the surface of the rotor, wherein at least a surface portion of the projecting ends of the lamella longitudinal groove for contact with the inner surface of cylindrical cavity of the stator provided with a rounding, whose surface lines are parallel with the rotation axis of the stator.
  • - Vacuum dispenser (prototype) - the first stage of tests was completed and the results of this stage were used for correction of the blasting system. Long-term trials and tests in a real environment are still ongoing, the outputs are used after the completion of the project for the commercialisation of the project.
  • - Progressive sanding system with controlled sanding rate (prototype) - the result includes a complete system consisting of individual modules for type rail vehicle for the purpose of verification of system properties in real traffic. The tests indicated that the presented prototype system from the perspective of a conceptual solution is able to provide the amount of sand supplied under the wheel in accordance withthe Commission Decision 2012/88 / EU on the technical specification for interoperability relating to the management and security of the trans-European rail system (TSI CCS).
  • - Controll software for sanding systems of rail vehicles - software is used to controll the sanding intensity of sanding systems based on current conditions. The system processes information from sensors, GPS position and maps for a given route. The controll is reactive and predictive, so that the sanding is initiated by slip detection system or manually, and the sanding intensity is optimised.
  • - Controll system for the progressive sanding system for rail applications (prototype) - the main part of the controll system is a touch panel based on a programmable logic controller (PLC), which provides a controll and visualisation of sanding. The system includes map data coupled with GPS module to determine the instantaneous position of the rail and identify immediate operating parametres of the vehicle. The information is processed and stored in memory for the assessment and monitoring of the sanding process. The controll unit is connected with the speed, temperature and humidity sensors. The information allows adjusting of the sanding rate by the actual needs. The output of the system is directly coupled with proportional valves which are controlled by the size of the input voltage.
  • - Air compressor (prototype) - the prototype was made in order to verify design parametres and achieved. After optimisation of some elements it will be introduced into production.
  • - Twin-disk experimental test rig (functional specimen) - experimental apparatous used for study of the tribological aspects of wheel and rail contact. The design is based on twin disk principle. One of the disks simulates wheel and second one simulates rail. The geometry both wheel in axle section are the same like in real. The apparatures is scaled. The scale is 1:3. It consists of loading mechanism and atutomaticaly drive lightening mechanism. For measure of forces are used strain gauges.
  • - Drive unit of the experimental apparatures (functional specimen) - it is a diferencial system of the two drive unit. Thanks to frequency conventer is allow accurately drive of rotational speed of the drive unit. The device is consist of reinforced frame and two pairs of drive units comprise of electric motors with additional cooling system, transmissions and cardan shaft for connection of external device.


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