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Research and preparation for the commercialisation of technologies expanding bored piles through the injection jet

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Background & Policy context

Construction of large objects in confined spaces, often in adverse ground conditions, as well as engineering of the road infrastructure will increase the unit load foundation. To reduce these problems, special pile foundation, additionally reinforced using technology such as the strengthening of the pile base by injections of cement, the use of cork concrete, high-pressure injection foundation piles, injection made by the central hole in the beam micropiles. These solutions are characterised by limitations, however, which can include, among others, insufficient in relation to the needs of the load bearing capacity of reinforced piles and restrictions on the use of some types of ground. Therefore, it appears necessary to the practice of engineering piles of very large capacities, that it can be taken virtually in any ground conditions.


The aim of the research is the development and application of experimental instrumentation for the implementation of technologies for increasing capacity of bored pile foundations by expanding their bases by injection streaming.


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The commercialisation of innovative technology was a key outcome of the project and has the following advantages over traditional solutions:

  • greater opportunities to increase the capacity of the pile,
  • reducing the size of the foundations needed to move a given load.
  • reduce the cost of foundation,
  • the ability to use different types of ground,
  • low cost of implementation by service providers injection.


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