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The right investments in transport infrastructure build a strong and sustainable Sweden for the future

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The right investments in transport infrastructure
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Transport policies
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Background & Policy context

The Government has adopted the infrastructure framework ‘Infrastructure for the future – innovative solutions for strengthened competitiveness and sustainable development’. The framework contains the direction for investments in transport infrastructure for the planning period 2018–2029. The proposals in the document will enable us to achieve the goals of a transition to a fossil-free welfare state, a Sweden that stands together, an increase in housing construction and improved conditions for business.



The transport policy objectives are the starting point of the bill and will ensure an economically efficient, sustainable transport system for citizens and businesses throughout the country. All policy areas must contribute to tackling the major challenges. The transport system is a basic condition for access to jobs and housing throughout the country. The competitiveness of trade and industry builds on reliable means of transport, within Sweden and through links with the rest of the world. Furthermore, the environmental impacts and emissions of the transport sector must decrease significantly if Sweden is to meet its environmental and climate objectives and live up to the international commitments under the Paris Agreement.


The Government is focusing on maintenance in order to maintain the functionality of roads and railways. Increased resources enable an improvement of standards in the existing railway system. The Government's ambition is that a larger proportion of long-distance goods transports should be transported via railway and shipping than is the case today. The road network must cope with an even greater volume of traffic, primarily in the cities, and funds for road operation and maintenance are therefore proposed to increase. Continued investment in bearing capacity and frost protection are also important and make it possible to maintain full bearing capacity year round on roads that are considered important for the business sector.


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Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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