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Road Infrastructure Safety Management Evaluation Tools

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The project aims at developing suitable road safety engineering evaluation tools that will support the aims of the “improvement of road safety through an increased awareness and acceptance to implement joint road safety solutions" based on the concepts of Self Explaining Roads (SER) and with just consideration of human factors and tolerances.

These evaluation tools allow the easy identification of both unsafe (from accidents or related indicators) and potentially unsafe (from design and other criteria) locations in a road network. With such evaluation tools estimates of potential benefits at the local and the network level can be calculated and potential effects on aspects such as driver behaviour can be estimated. Such tools empower road authorities to improve their decision making and to implement (ameliorative) measures to improve the road safety situation on the roads.


Since evaluation tools rely on good quality data, RISMET aims at reviewing available data sources for effective road infrastructure safety management in EU-countries, linked to a quick scan and assessment of current practices. This assessment will expand upon what was learned in the RIPCORD ISEREST project. Furthermore, RISMET aims at exploiting results related to the development and use of Accident Prediction Models (APMs) in road safety management.

RISMET culminates in a set of easy to use guidelines and codes of practice for the development and use of comprehensive road safety engineering evaluation tools, with a specific focus on APMs. These systems based tools will consider the relationship between road design, road user behaviour, traffic and road safety. A guideline and data specification providing the minimum requirements for data collecting and recording will be included.


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Guideline for development and application of road infrastructure safety management evaluation tools was developed, which includes:

  • Theory and fundamentals of road safety
  • Overview evaluation tools
  • Guideline chapters on application and development


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