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Road Safety Monitoring Centre for the Marche Region

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Background & Policy context

In 2008, the cost per-capita of road accidents for Marche Region was the fourth in Italy (Source: ACI-Istat, 2008). However available data could not be used to identify existing risk factors and define an efficient strategy for road safety management.


The project aimed at developing a road safety monitoring centre for the Marche Region, equipped with specific tools for data management and analysis plus a road safety Decision Support System.


The project was organised in 6 actions:

  1. Setting up of a road safety monitoring centre for Regional Administration
  2. Setting up of four road safety monitoring centres for Provincial Administration
  3. Development of a database including road accidents, Roads and Transport related data
  4. Development of a road safety Decision Support System for: black spots investigation, road safety related cost-benefits analysis, evaluation of road safety measures and Road Impact Assessment.
  5. Investigation of black spots on the main road net, identification of main risk factors and possible countermeasures
  6. Road safety awareness campaigns and project activities information.

Previously, web-based tools were developed to support the regional administration in road safety monitoring and in the identification of cost-effective road safety counter-measures.


Other Programme
National Road Safety Plan Implementation Programme


The main results were:

  • The reorganization and computerization of the process of surveying and data management of accidents, which led to the recording of information relevant to road safety’s management, in particular by improving the online knowledge of the amount and exact location of road accidents.
  • Increased knowledge regarding accidents, in particular the risk factors and the relationships with the road network’s  geometrical and functional characteristics and traffic flows through the acquisition of data and tools developed within the project.
  • The definition of a structured process of selection of interventions and measures for road safety that improves the effectiveness and efficiency against road accidents.
  • The improvement of skills and planning skills of the members of the Monitoring Center.
  • Studies and reports on road safety which helped to identify the most effective measures to reduce the number of accidents and minimizing the cost of operations.
  • Raising awareness the promotion of a road safety culture.


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