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Road safety in Slovakia

Road safety in Slovakia

Road safety in Slovakia


Road safety education and campaigns aimed at actual traffic issues are key element for long-term improvement of road users’ behaviour. Activities are especially focused on children, young drivers and elderly drivers because within these groups exist the biggest potential. Campaign objectives should highlight areas which most contribute to accident frequency. The accent should be put on risk traffic situations resulting from driving under influence of alcohol and illicit drugs, speeding and seat belts and helmets not wearing.
Selection of mass-media canal which will be easily accessible is very necessary for public addressing and holding attention.

Objective of these actions is to intensify courtesy and safety culture among road users as well as stronger observing of traffic rules. Government bodies, concerned organizations and zealous individuals create conditions for improvement of situations in the area of road safety. They try to point out serious social problem and their consequences by TV and radio spots, advertising in press or on billboards. However, effectiveness of such measures is relatively low (2-3%) they are reasonable for modification of behaviour which is changed according to socio-economic conditions of road users.


1. Education & Campaigns
2. Driver Education, Training & Licensing
3. Rehabilitation and Re-Licensing
4. Vehicles (incl. ITS)
5. Infrastructure (incl. ITS)
6. Enforcement
7. Statistics & In-depth Analysis
8. Institutional Organisation of Road Safety
9. Post-accident Care
In order to avoid overlapping between these categories, a detailed list of subcategories and – in some cases including even sub-subcategories has been provided.

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