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Safety and working conditions for road and track work

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Background & Policy context

For work on the road, new rules and regulations were established, which became effective as of 1st of January 2013. With regard to rail, a number of measures were implemented in 2011 to improve safety that included changed rules for work on and beside the tracks.


The purpose of this study was, through the use of interviews, case studies, and a reference group meeting to describe and analyse the implementation process of new and revised regulations. This applies to both road and track in their administrative and operational activities within the Swedish Transport Administration and their contractors. The aim was also to analyse the effects the new and revised regulations on roles and responsibilities but also on their own and others' safety. 


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The results showed that in general the attitudes towards the new/revised regulations were positive since it offered greater flexibility than before. This meant that it became easier to develop their own solutions.

At the same time, the study shows that perhaps it is precisely this flexibility that has resulted in a lack of clarity in terms of roles and responsibilities including inadequate procedures, which in turn have had a negative effect on safety. The picture which emerges is that what is not included in the contract will not be implemented.

With regard to road works this can result in that security is not being prioritized. Another problem is that the information regarding the regulations has not yet reached all concerned and the training offered does not always live up to the all the necessary requirements.

According to the participants in this study it should be quality which is the most important factors deciding who gets the contract and not the lowest price. One way to correct the errors committed is through workplace inspections. From this study, however, a controller´s ability to influence how a workplace looks has in practice been reduced.

Furthermore, a bad piece of work does not affect future chances of getting winning a contract. procurement for the current contractor. The report ends with some suggestions on how the problems which have been highlighted in the study can be solved.



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