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Satellite Assisted Warning System


Satellite Assisted Warning System
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Satellite Assisted WArning System


ÖBBs Signal Control Warning System (SCWS, AWS) currently is in the rollout phase. For positioning of AWS warning devices during the registration process, complex and manual operations are necessary. Positioning is carried out by scanning trackside RFID-tags, which are numerously installed at theÖBB network. RFID-tags are fixed and warning areas have to be statically planned and prepared in advance. Therefore, optimisation of warning time is limited.

First objective of project SAWAS is the development of a concept for GNSS-assisted positioning of AWS warning devices for the registration process of track side constructions. To use increase accuracy of the GNSS-assisted positioning of a warning device, the reference service TEPOS/EPOSA is provided byÖBB. Second objective is the design, development and evaluation of a demonstrator, which represents the functionality of real-time positioning of a AWS warning device. Computation of warning areas’ configuration during a registration process and position changes of AWS warning devices will be demonstrated and evaluated. Benefits of the innovation by SAWAS are the simplification of the registration process as well as the improved optimisation of the warning time.

Operators of AWS warning devices are supported by GNSS-assisted positioning. Warning areas will be computed according to the actual position of a AWS warning device. Based on the dynamic configuration of warning areas, optimisation of warning time is possible: Minimisation of work stoppage due to warnings. Results of SAWAS will be prepared in detail and presented to the clientÖBB. The bidding consortium aims on following results that can be used by the ÖBB:

  1. Development of a system concept for SAWAS
  2. Development of a demonstrator fulfills the required functions
  3. Knowledge of the demonstrator’s performance according to the required functions
  4. Development of recommendations forÖBB network-wide implementation

Conduction of the project SAWAS provides a solid, well-documented base to updated the current AWS with regard to current developments in geoformation services

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Mobilität der Zukunft - VIF 2015
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Rail Expert Consult Gmbh

Praterstraße 25/27
1020 Wien
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Technische Universitat Wien Department Fur Geodasie Und Geoinformation

Gußhausstraße 27-29
1040 Wien
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