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Scanning the Potential of Intermodal Transport

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Background & Policy context

The SPIN project is funded by the European Commission, DG TREN.

SPIN is attached to the Subprogramme Area 'Driving forces in transport'.


The aim of the project was to develop a tool, which can identify opportunities and barriers in achieving a modal shift in freight transport. Application of the tool would contribute to the promotion of intermodal transport and to a better alignment of intermodal services with supply chain requirements.

The objectives of SPIN were the following:

  • To develop a toolbox to apply at business and regional level, to assess and demonstrate the potential of intermodal transport for various user groups.
  • To test and evaluate the toolbox by means of in depth case-studies in practice in various businesses and Member States.
  • To gain insight on the impact of a modal shift on supply chains.
  • To gain insight on the potential for modal shift on EU- level.
  • To provide broad access to the scanning tool by means of a web-based installation.


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European Commission - Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DGTREN)
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Public (EU)


The SPIN project has developed the SPIN TOOLBOX.

It consists of three decision support tools to assess the intermodal transport potential on company and on regional level:

# QuickScan

# Advanced Scan

# MacroScan

The concept has already been used in a number of business cases in Europe. New services have been explored, transparancy about the complex intermodal market and awareness of the opportunities of intermodal transport have been created.

Policy implications

SPIN tries to fill substantially the information gap between the supply and the demand side of intermodal transport.


New services have been explored, transparency about the complex intermodal market and awareness of the opportunities of intermodal transport have been created.


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