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Seamless traffic data dissemination across urban and inter-urban networks

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Project "SEAMLESS" prepares for traffic data dissemination that works seamlessly across urban and inter-urban networks. It includes data dissemination to in-vehicle systems, and use of cooperative systems.

Research to date has focussed on motorway information, but uptake of devices will be limited if service coverage is limited to trunk roads only. The provision of seamless services for dissemination of data from road authorities, both national and local, has the potential to accelerate the take-up of in-vehicle devices. Seamless services therefore have the potential to bring forward the time when national roads authorities can reduce reliance on roadside infrastructure.

The SEAMLESS project will build on existing research, will make further contributions to the business case and architecture for seamless services, and will then produce recommendations for harmonised protocols. The services to be considered will include virtual signs and dissemination of routing strategies. Results will be disseminated through existing partner roles and networks, and other available channels.

The project partners have the necessary range of experience as inter-urban and urban traffic management system suppliers, user representatives and service providers in multiple countries to be able to address the issues and risks and deliver valuable research results.


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The amount of data is increasing, but today the data is not always accessible in a satisfying way. There is a danger of reducing interest in new technologies, as well as associated risks of wrong handling of opportunites.

SEAMLESS identified that architecture for cooperative systems is in flux, with major standards developments underway in parallel to a groundswell of activity using mobile devices based on existing IT standards. Workpackage 3 elaborated architectures for roads authority data dissemination and identified specific gaps which the SEAMLESS project could most usefully fill with technical deliverables from workpackage 4.


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