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Slovenian development potential in transport research

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Background & Policy context

The project TransSLO-PLUS is a follow-up of the TransSLO project, which has set up the foundations for the identification of all research institutions active in the field of transport in Slovenia. Additionally, TransSLO defined the fundamental directives and priorities for the Slovenian national programme of research in transport.

The TransSLO-PLUS project aimed to establish a Slovenian research network in the field of transport in order to boost the competitiveness of local (national) research potential, encourage inclusion of small and medium enterprises and enhance cooperation with the Slovenian research community and foreign interested research institutes. The results of the TransSLO project have shown great Slovenian potential.  The research has already achieved some good results both on national and international level. Despite that fact, it became clear that the Slovenian research environment is still loosely connected and insufficiently represented in European research networks. This is especially the case for the SMEs active in transport research. Nevertheless, the Slovenian research sphere has certain comparative advantages over other countries by solving specific problems in the Western Balkans territory, which is rapidly becoming common transport environment with faster economic development of encompassed countries.


Activities were segmented into five project pillars all aiming at better linkage and cooperation among Slovenian research organisations, enhanced collaboration with other stakeholders and setting the base for improving the transparency of research results and better approach to domestic and international research topics.

The TransSLO-PLUS project has importantly contributed to:

  • preparation of Slovenian national programme and policy of research in the field of transport,
  • implementation of European Research Areas (ERA) in sustainable transport,
  • increased inclusion of SMEs dealing with transport researches in ERA,
  • start of collaboration between research potential in the area of Western Balkans,
  • linkage of educational sphere with stakeholders in the field of transport,
  • improvement of employment possibilities for Slovenian researchers in the field of transport.

The project’s activities were based on the successfully implemented TransSLO project, which laid foundations for identification of research institutes in the field of transport and the identification of basic strategic plans and priorities (Roadmaps), the development of a national programme of research in transport prepared together with Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia. The Methodology was based on the dynamic web portal with a database of transport researchers and enterprises containing their scope of work, expertise, contact details, etc. The main idea was to have a transparent overview of experts, knowledge, know-how and enterprises in the region in order to enable easier networking among them. Furthermore, the portal regularly announced all events, calls and other interesting information on the portal, so users could get basically all necessary information in one place.


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CRP- Ciljni raziskovalni program (National Targeted Research Programme)
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Public Funding - 1. Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije (Slovenian Research Agency) 2. Ministry of Transport of Republic of Slovenia


  • establishment of permanent research network of Slovenian researchers active in the field of transport
  • establishment of Slovenian transport research portal
  • networking and brokerage conferences and events

Innovation aspects

TransSLO-PLUS fostered intensive collaboration among researchers, stakeholders and SMEs in order to enable formation of a more comprehensive and advanced body of common theoretical and applied knowledge thereby increasing their competitiveness at the international level and leveraging the building of Slovenia-based international research consortia.

Policy implications

Project was carried out with the main objective to intertwine research and expert sphere in order to promote the quality of research and consequently support policy making and decision-making process both in Slovenia and other countries.

Other results

TransSLO initiative served as a transfer point of knowledge and experience gained by the professionals and actors in the scope of transport research, fostering of innovation and transport policy making.


The project has facilitated a faster and more intensive transfer of knowledge and innovation into practice, a higher participation of Slovenian SMEs in ERA, the beginning of collaboration among research centres in the Wester Balkans and improved collaboration between research centres and other stakeholders, improved employment opportunities for Slovenian researchers in the field of transport.


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