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Smart Combination of passenger transport modes and services in Urban areas for maximum System Sustainability and Efficiency

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Background & Policy context

The project aimed to conceive, organize and simulate the implementation of new smart transport modes and services to optimize integration with lifestyles, and also with already existing individual and collective transport. To do so, three levels of decision (strategic, tactic and operational) were approached covering the institutional design required for the regulatory environment, network planning focusing on productive efficiency as well as efficiency in consumption, and enforcement and performance monitoring at the operational level. Performance assessment at the strategic level was developed as well.


The project was organized around the following specific objectives:

  • Understanding factors of preference and repulsion on choice of travel mode and developing proto-solutions for multiple market segments
  • Conceptualizing and evaluating innovative services, modes, and congestion management initiatives (including pricing) with the aim of better fit to user requirements and the potential for greater sustainability and efficiency
  • Developing incentives, marketing strategies and business models for innovative services and modes
  • Analysing the urban activity space and the implications of the innovative services
  • Designing and simulating the new services, modes, and congestion management initiatives (including pricing)
  • Analysing the implications of new services and pricing paradigms on governance structures
  • Assessing institutional, economic, and financial feasibility of new solutions found as well as their impact at tactical and strategic levels
  • Developing a handbook on smart combination of passenger transport modes and services in urban areas.


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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)
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The project achieved the following results:

  • Development and testing of several concepts of innovative intermediate transport modes and services, aimed at an improved fit with evolving lifestyles
  • Assessment of the reception of these new modes and services, together with the implementation of parking enforcement policies and dynamic congestion charging schemes, using a web-based stated preference survey
  • Simulation of some of these intermediate modes and services shows a strong potential for achieving a range of “double second-best” solutions which promote substantial gains of social welfare, with rather low penalty for the traveller, thus making them more easily acceptable
  • Development of business models for these solutions


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