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Smart Mobility Schiphol

Smart Mobility Schiphol


In the area of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol province Noord-Holland wants to develop and test in real life environment communication between automated cars, traffic lights and other infrastructure. We do this together with OEM’s , knowledge institutes and serviceproviders. Financing is done together. Our working relationship is based on innovative partnerships and MOU’s, so no traditional vendor- supplier contracts are applicable. Every party is responsible for its own development, innovative goals and budget. Up till now we cooperated with different OEM’s, like Nissan and Daimler Bus, different providers (traffic light providers, telecomproviders) and knowledge institutes (TU Delft).

Our goal as a road authority is to gain knowledge on the influence of automated cars on subjects like safety, traffic flow and  sustainability.

The area of Schiphol is chosen because of the following facts:

  1. Here we have highly intelligent traffic lights, which generate open data, are linked to our traffic control centre and are able to communicate with cars,
  2. Here we have all modalities available, so we can find out immediately what the effect is on different traffic flows.
  3. Here we have high logistical and economic interests of an efficient traffic system.
Lead Organisation: 

Provincie Noord-Holland

Dreef 3
2012 HR Haarlem