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Study on cycling and cycling infrastructure at the national level

Study on cycling and cycling infrastructure at the national level
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Visaptverošs pētījums par ceļu satiksmes drošību ietekmējošiem riska faktoriem Latvijā


The aim of this work is to develop a comprehensive study on national cycling activities, including data collection, processing, and analysis, which characterizes cycling and cycling infrastructure on a national scale and environmental dimensions.

Assignments to achieve the aim are:

  • evaluating data and information;
  • identifying the most efficient method for obtaining data;
  • collecting data;
  • compiling an inventory of cycling infrastructure;
  • making proposals.
Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of Transport Republic of Latvia
Key Results: 

The results of the survey show that 6.4% of Latvia's population cycle each or almost every day, but 19.8% at least once a week. Most often, cycling occurs in Pierīga, but the least in Latgale. With harsher weather, the number of cyclists is reduced by 25%.

Latvia contains a total of 727.76 km of different infrastructure for cycling. In the development of cycling, the economic benefits are estimated at several million euros. A significant aspect of development is to integrate cycling into the common transport system.

Lead Organisation: 

Ministry of Transport Republic of Latvia

Gogoļa Street 3
Riga LV-1050
+371 67028205
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