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Sustainable and Energy Efficient Mobility Options in Tourist Regions in Europe

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Background & Policy context

The SEEMORE project focuses on introducing energy efficient transport solutions for visitors in eight coastal touristic regions. Its main objectives are:

  • Increase awareness about sustainable mobility options
  • Increase cooperation between the tourism and mobility sectors
  • Realise a shift of travel behaviour of tourists towards more sustainable modes of transport

To achieve these goals, a wide range of measures are implemented in the Balearic Islands, Bohuslan, Forli-Cesena, Dobrich, Pomerania, Madeira, Limassol and Malta, including information services and awareness raising activities, introduction of new mobility options and incentives.


SEEMORE has the following objectives:

  • Increase the awareness among visitors about sustainable mobility options in tourist regions.
  • Increase co-operation between the sectors of tourism and mobility, and creation of new and improved energy efficient mobility options for leisure travel in eight coastal regions throughout Europe.
  • Shift of travel behaviour of visitors towards more sustainable modes.
  • Widely share and communicate the SEEMORE experiences and outcomes with other actors in Europe.

A comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of leisure travel and sustainable transport in tourism regions has been carried out. The outcome of this task is a report containing best practices around Europe, paying special attention in successful factors and lessons learnt.


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  • Visitors of tourist regions benefit from the improved traveller information, the increased choice in mobility options and the attractive integrated travel and leisure products.
  • 8-15% reduction of car use by visitors for leisure trips within the SEEMORE regions; 5% increase in non-motorised leisure trips in the SEEMORE regions; total increase of 950.000 annual public transport passengers in the SEEMORE regions; and ultimately a reduction of annual primary energy use of 2 000 toe/year and 5 500 t CO2e/year reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the project.
  • Local actors in other European tourist regions are inspired through the organisation of national transfer seminars, presentations at European conferences and through written information. By the end of the action 30 other tourist regions are expected to start implementing similar activities for sustainable mobility of tourists.
  • On the regional level a stronger co-operation between actors from the tourism and mobility sectors is being established with local working groups and the implementation of concrete activities like data exchange protocols.


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