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Together for the continuity of the border area

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Background & Policy context

Zsira-Lutzmannsburg-Nikitsch are neighbors, but the continuity between them is not secured for several reasons.

In the direction of Lutzmannsburg, a road runs from Zsira to the border, but there is a sign "driveway prohibited", since the traffic would disturb the sun spa Lutzmannsburg. From the direction of Nikitsch, a road leads to the Hungarian border which continues on a road used by the border guard and is of very poor quality. Safety and accesibility for high-quality cars and bicycle traffic is also not possible here. These problems are a permanent source of conflict. Lutzmannsburg is a hub for cycling and the promotion of the eco-mobility of the micro-space is an important development. The potentials in not currently being utilized.


The aim of the project is the extension and / or the renovation of 3 street stages, which guarantee the direct continuity of the border.

  1. A new border crossing point is established between Lutzmannsburg and Zsira,
  2. Reconstruction of the road from Zsira's municipal border to the new border crossing point at Zsira-Lutzmannsburg
  3. Zsira-Nikitsch border crossing: expansion and continuation of the road that already exists from Nikitsch to the state border.


Parent Programmes


Within the scope of the project, the following results were achieved:

  • Preparations for investments
  • Extension of infrastructure
  • Public relation
  • Eco-touristic offers, programs and events for cyclists

Policy objectives

The project is an important part of the planning policy in the cross-border regions


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