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Unlocking the full potential of garages and paving the way for 21st century garage


Unlocking the full potential of garages and paving the way for 21st century garage

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HomyHub GARAGE is a “plug and play device” for garage openers that turns any smartphone into a smart garage remote control. It allows users to control, monitor, and manage the access to their garage anywhere and at any time from their smartphone.

In this 6 month project we are focusing on finding new business partners in EU countries and to finalise our prototype, making it a commercial viable product.

The main objective of our SME1 project is to gain proof of evidence that HomyHub’s product can be commercialized at full speed from 2018. For this we have identified two important challenges to commercially fully exploit HomyHub’s product:

  1. Our ambition: to become a worldwide leader in IoT devices for garage access. HomyHub is a young, fast growing start up that is revolutionizing the world of smart mobility through delivering cutting edge technologies for garage access control. HomyHub has a balanced and very competitive founding team from Spain with a strong IoT background (more than 40 years combined experience in hardware, firmware, software and business development)
  2. Our goal: to make a global business plan through the implementation of a feasibility study in this proposed Phase 1 (SMEi-1), to reach an international business uptake
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Homyhub Ltd

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