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Use of advantages of FRP composites in transport infrastructure

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The aim of the project is to launch onto the market a set of measures and solutions which will enable effective use of Fiber Reinforce Polymer (FRP) composites in the transport infrastructure. These measures or partial goals can be briefly characterised as follows:

The first one is finding such a construction and spatial layout of a bridge in order to be able to use efficiently the advantages of the actual FRD profiles or their combination with other common materials, both for new constructions and mainly for reconstructions.

The second one is solution of the contact of the bridge fittings, crash barriers, railings, ledges and lighting directly in FRP profiles using such a set of construction solutions and measures which will not degrade the advantages of the material and at the same time meet the safety requirements laid on bridge fittings.

The third one is experimental research and laboratory tests of alternative glues and their combinations which will enable composite gluing in situ in worse climatic conditions than those enabled by use of the standard interior epoxy glues.

The fourth one is development of construction elements for bridge fittings which can be made in practice from FRP composites and standardised solutions of which can be prepared.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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