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Use of interdisciplinary knowledge for new programs aimed at improving the investment activities in transport infrastructure projects

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The current state of the superior transport infrastructure in Slovakia is characterised by deficient territory coverage and insufficient access to the motorways and expressways network. The principal aim of the Strategy for transport infrastructure development in Slovak Republic by the year of 2020 consists in providing the transport infrastructure which is modern, in high quality, safe and effectively operating. The difficult tasks connected with preparation and implementation of difficult transport infrastructure projects require experts, competent to perceive the broad spectrum of technical, technological, environmental as well as managerial context supporting improvement of investment activities in transport infrastructure projects. The submitted project is focused on creation of new study programs for inter-specialisation study in the 1st and 2nd grade of university education, focused on integration of preparation and implementation of activities and transport buildings economy. It is concerned the application of inter-specialisation knowledge from three related study specialisations (the structural and transport engineering, civil engineering and the sector of economics and management). The submitted project aims at accordance with the priority of KEGA call for 2015, oriented on the field of content integration and diversification of university study with praxis needs orientation.  


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Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
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