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Value Added Services for Maritime Environment

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Background & Policy context

The supply of information services to traffic flows can help achieve

better levels of service, higher traffic control efficiency and increased

security in the maritime environment.


The objective of VASME was the design and development of a voice-operated VHF on-demand information system for ships and vessels. The underlying goal was to provide real-time access to a set of value added services (e.g. administrative, commercial, and technical information - navigation support).


The major purpose of the system was to increase the exchange of information between vessels and traffic control towers. The system was to offer information services to vessels and obtain valuable information from them (e.g. identification, origin, destination and cargo type).


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European Commission; Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN; formerly DG VII)
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Public (EU)


VASME has developed an innovative information system that meets the objectives defined at the beginning of the project.


The information system provides mainly two types of service:

  • identification of passing vessels;
  • supply of information to the vessels (e.g. weather forecasts, navigational warnings, anchor position, exceptional high/low water).

The user has easy access to the system. A vessel that aims to use the VASME service requires only a common maritime transceiver tuned to the channel assigned to the service.


The VASME tool is not a closed system, but can host a wide-variety of applications.

Policy implications

The VASME system covers an important and non-exploited field in the area

of the value added services for maritime applications. The system

developed is a pioneering one in voice-operated automatic on-demand

information systems, via VHF channels; the other existing one being via

the telephone. The potential for improvements that would make the system

more competitive in the immediate future was assessed during the project.

Some user segments may also need a longer vocabulary and other languages.


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