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Virtual simulation of pedestrian evacuation and transport processes

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The project deals with the qualitative and quantitative requirements for creating simulations of pedestrian transport processes and the aim was to create the certified methodology - 'Handbook for virtual simulation of evacuation and transport processes of pedestrians.' The project aims at ensuring the quality of future simulation work, support for micro-simulation methods as a tool for preventive detection of bottlenecks and inadequate infrastructure solutions for pedestrians and as an optimising tool.


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Research agency
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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Public (national/regional/local)


  • Manual for virtual simulation of evacuation and transport pedestrian processes - it is a set of rules, principles and requirements for the creation, evaluation and interpretation of the results of microscopic pedestrian simulation models. Manual defines the correct procedures and quality requirements for a microscopic pedestrian simulation models.
  • Another significant result is the simulation study that includes the comparative study and validation study of 3 software tools. The validation study represents a work evaluating the degree of compliance of simulation model of the software: VISSIM, EXODUS and Pathfinder, with empirical data of pedestrian traffic flows. It also defines the strengths and weaknesses of these models. It provides information on how accurately the mentioned tools can emulate real traffic flows of pedestrians. The comparative study compares different simulation software through the results of each selected model simulation.

Innovation aspects

Optimisation of modelling techniques

Policy objectives

Support of pedestrian transport measures and modelling optimal scenarios


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