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Background & Policy context

Every trip, whether it is cariied out by using a car, bicycle or public transport, the journey begins walking. Therefore, the most important projects are road infrastructure projects which provide an adequate state of infrastructure for pedestrians. 

Its availability, condition and safety determine the quality of life of residents, as well as the image of the city among visitors. Currently, hiking trails built and designed in Bydgoszcz are full of illogical and cumbersome solutions. Lack of solutions designed to look at the eye of the user, the appropriate infrastructure to adapt to the needs of the most vulnerable users. Ignoring the needs of pedestrians hinders access to city services, including a communication to the public. Clearly this affects negatively the quality of life in the city.

So far it is not created the affordable formula of communication in Bydgoszcz, through which residents could share their comments on the availability, quality and safety of pedestrian infrastructure. The inhabitants rarely engage in this type of activity, much of Bydgoszcz does not participate actively in the life of the city, limiting its activity to complain of the problems encountered among friends, hiding this valuable information "in the drawer".


In our project we want to show the scale and number of problems faced by pedestrians, at the same time give residents the opportunity to indicate places posing problems on the Map of Barriers on the project website.

We want this map, and also collected examples of good practice in the design of urban space enable that Bydgoszcz will be a friendly city for its residents.

At the same time, we will show residents that they need not remain passive and get used to the difficulties in moving around the city. We will show that each of Bydgoszcz can affect the development of our city. We want to encourage the residents of our city to actively participate in his life.


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