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Austrian Institute of Technology



Austrian Institute of Technology

Background & policy context: 

The AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria's largest non-university research institute is a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future among the European research institutes. As an Ingenious Partner to industry and public institutions, AIT is already researching and developing the technologies, methods and tools of tomorrow - paving the way for the innovations of the day after tomorrow.

AIT's policy contains the provision of research and technological development in order to realise basic innovations for future infrastructural technology. Its network seeks to combine science and industrial needs, enabled through competence, experience and tight customer relationships.

Strategic Objectives: 

For its industrial partners, the AIT mainly provides technologies, methods, tools or demonstrators that are implemented in cooperation with industry. The AIT is also a consultant to public authorities for their infrastructure and their technology policy by coordinating foresight processes, conducting studies or evaluations. In this context its main goal is the realisation of innovative infrastructure related solutions by providing technologies, methods and tools for future periods.

Programme organisation: 

In Austria, there are over 1,100 employees - largely based at the main facilities Vienna Tech Gate, Vienna TECHbase. The Republic of Austria (through the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) has a share of 50.46%, while the Federation of Austrian Industries owns 49.54% of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

Research areas in five departments (Energy, Mobility, Safety & Security, Health & Environment, Foresight & Policy Development) for national and international partners.

Leading Institutions:

Non-University Research Institute

Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The Austrian Institute of Technology does Research Services ordered by industry

Participating countries: 
Austrian Institute of Technology
Total number of projects: 

The AIT is conducting research rather than funing or governing research programmes.

Projects covered: 

Research areas:

  • Energy,
  • Mobility,
  • Safety & Security,
  • Health & Environment,
  • Foresight & Policy Development
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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Donau-City-Straße 1
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+43 (0) 50 550 - 0