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Incentive Programme for the Modernisation of the Economy (former Operational Programme for Economic Activities)

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Background & Policy context

PRIME programme integrates a number of different economic medium-term tools (until 2006) aimed at the industrial sectors of energy, transport, tourism, international trade and services. These interventions have as major goals the promotion of competitiveness of Portuguese firms, the enforcement of productivity and the promotion of new potential markets. For this, PRIME has three axes of strategic intervention:

  • Axis 1: Invigorating Portuguese firms
  • Axis 2: Improvement of the qualification of human resources
  • Axis 3: Promotion of a sound entrepreneurial environment

Axes 1 and 2 are specifically aimed at the different industrial sectors targeted by PRIME, being Axel 3 devoted to horizontal activities affecting to the general environment of the Portuguese economy.

Strategic Objectives

PRIME main specific objectives can be spread between the three axes of strategic intervention:


  • Axis 1 Invigorating Portuguese firms:
    1. promotion of application of R&D activities to firms;
    2. promote technological competencies;
    3. enforce firm co-operation networks;
    4. promote the best use of energy and the optimal allocation of available resources.


  • Axis 2 Improvement of the qualification of human resources:
    1. promotion of training policies according to identified weak points of the sectors;
    2. improvement of technical qualifications of staff;
    3. provide improved qualification for a better positioning in the value chain.


  • Axis 3 Promotion of a sound entrepreneurial environment:
    1. improve the quality of supporting infrastructures for production;
    2. promote the participation of Portuguese firms in a global market;
    3. promote partnerships for R&D purposes;
    4. enforce those industrial activities offering a sustainable growth.
Programme organisation

Axis 1 Invigorating Portuguese firms

Measure 1 - SIME, Support of Industrial Modernisation

Measure 2 - Support Industrial Investment

2.1. SIPIE - Promotion of Small Entrepreneurial Initiatives
2.2. Structural Projects for Commercial Purposes:

  • URBCOM programme
  • PIFC programme

2.3. SIVETUR - Incentives for Strategic Touristic Projects
2.4. NEST - New Technological Support Enterprises

Measure 3 - Improvement of Entrepreneurial Strategies

3.1. IDEIA - Support to Applied Business Research and Development
3.2. SIUPI - Incentives to the Use of Industrial Property
3.3. Promotion of Invigorating Factors of the Competitiveness:

  • SIME programme
  • R&D Cores
  • PME Digital programme
  • Quadros programme
  • Pilot Project

3.4. Enforcement of Frim Co-operation
3.5. MAPE - Support to Energetic Efficiency Projects

Axis 2 Improvement of the qualification of human resources

Measure 4 - Incentives for Investment in Human Resources

4.1. Training for Supporting Investment Strategies of Firms and of the Entrepreneurial Environment
4.2. Training of Technical Staff for SME
4.3. Training for New Economical Challenges in the Context of Partnerships
4.4. Training for the Technical Colleges

Axis 3 Promotion of a sound entrepreneurial environment

Measure 5 - Incentives for the Consolidation of Infrastructures

5.1. Support for Technological, Training and Quality Infrastructures

  • Projects of Technological Transfer within the Technological System
  • Invigoration of Technological, Training and Quality Infrastructures
  • Technological Strategic Pilot Projects


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Ministry of Economy
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Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


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