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Road Research Programme



Road Research Programme
Útügyi Kutatási Program

Background & policy context: 

Because public roads are fixed, have a long lifetime and are expensive, the development, maintenance, operation and reconstruction must be prepared with detailed research work. The development, operation and maintenance of public roads will be a national and communal duty also in the future, as will be the financing of road research.

The Technical and Information Services on National Roads (ÁKMI Kht.) after its formation in 1996, in 1997 worked out and has been operating the research and development competition system for six years.

The prototypes of the system were the EU's R&D programmes, with some revisions and simplification because of the smaller Hungarian scale.

Strategic Objectives: 

  • New scientific and technical features
  • Scientific, technical and economic benefits.
Programme organisation: 

Defined priorities are in harmony with the national transport policy:

  • European compatibility,
  • economic efficiency,
  • environmental savings,
  • safety,
  • quality.
Leading Institutions:

ÁKMI Kht. (Technical and Information Services on National Roads)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The financing fund for the programme is the 'Provision for Road operation, Development and Maintenance'. AKMI Kht. is waiting for applications in the order of 2-10 million HUF (EUR 8 000 - EUR 40 000).

Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

The thematic groups are based on the IRRD International Road Research Documentation:

  • Economy and management
  • Planning and development
  • Constructing materials, soils
  • Environmental saving
  • Construction works
  • Operation-maintenance
  • Traffic
  • Accidents and safety.
Project Profiles:
  1. Foundations of the EU-funding of road-network developments
Contact Name: 
Mr Karoly MAYER
AKMI KHT. (Technical and Information Services on National Roads)
Fényes Elek u. 7-13.
Contact country:
+361 202-0811 / 648