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Background & Policy context

World aeronautics is entering a new age of aviation – the age of sustainable growth – characterised by the need of more affordable, cleaner, quieter, safer and more secure air travel. European aeronautics is committed to play a prime role in shaping aviation for this new age. Research and technology development is essential in responding to this challenge.

The aeronautics research work programme is set against the two top level objectives identified in the Strategic Research Agenda and the Vision 2020 Report:

  • to meet society’s needs for a more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly air transport;
  • to win global leadership for European aeronautics, with a competitive supply chain, including small and medium size enterprises.

The overall research work programme focuses on the aircraft vehicle, including its systems and components, for commercial transport (comprising regional and business aircraft as well as rotorcraft).

The work programme is structured in four research areas that contribute to achieving the two top-level objectives. They respond to the major challenges identified in the Strategic Research Agenda for European aeronautics. Research from this sub-programme 'strengthening the competitiveness' of the aeronautical industry in the global market, responds to the challenge of delivering more economical, performant and better quality products and services.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. to reduce aircraft development costs by 20% and 50% in the short and long term respectively;
  2. to reduce aircraft operating costs by 20% and 50% in the short and long term respectively through reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and other direct operating costs;
  3. to increase passenger choice with regard to travel costs, time to destination, onboard services and comfort.
Programme organisation

The research areas include:

  • integrated design and product development
  • manufacturing
  • maintenance
  • aerodynamics
  • structural weight reduction
  • equipment weight and power take-up reduction
  • propulsion
  • crew workload
  • cabin environment
  • on-board passenger services
  • flight test techniques and related measuring technologies
  • new aircraft concepts and breakthrough technologies


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