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Accelerated ageing method for hot applied joint sealants to simulate the installation process (VSS2005/404)

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Background & Policy context

From the earlier Project VSS 1991/003 (Report 1052) follows that the state of the joint sealant materials after the installation process is of eminent significance for durability behaviour. Hence it was recommended that the joint sealants should be pre-aged in the original state before being investigated.


The objective of the project is to develop an accelerated ageing method for hot applied joint sealants to simulate the ageing during the installation process.


In this study the influence of the melting process in the field on hot applied joint sealants is simulated in the laboratory. For this purpose, joint sealants from max. 10 field installation sites are taken in the original state and after installation. Physical and chemical investigations and function tests are conducted on the specimens in the original state and after installation. Based on the change of properties due to installation, the joint sealants in the original state will be aged artificially in the lab with different methods, including those in EN 13880-1. These aging methods will then be evaluated and the method will be recommended which comes closest to the practical conditions.

Following steps will be done during the project:

  • Literature review
  • Poll
  • Sampling, including acquisition of reflow parameters locally
  • Theoretical study


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