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ARAMIS information system



ARAMIS information system
Informationssystem ARAMIS / Système d’information ARAMIS

Background & policy context: 

The State Secretariat for Education and Research (SBF / SER) within the Federal Department of Home Affairs is the Swiss federal government's specialised agency for national and international matters concerning general and university education, research and spatial planning. The SER is responsible for drawing up and implementing policy in these areas and it coordinates related activities within the Federal Administration of Switzerland and ensures cooperation with the cantons.

In particular, in the area of science and research, the SER finances the Swiss National Science Foundation and the scientific academies, promotes research institutes, is responsible for (and finances) Swiss membership in international research organisations and Switzerland's participation in European and international research programmes and cooperation projects, develops Switzerland's international relations and coordinates the federal administration's sectoral research.

Strategic Objectives: 

The ARAMIS information system contains information regarding research, development and evaluation projects of the Swiss Federal Administration. It aims to provide information to interested parties about the research projects funded or implemented by the Swiss Confederation, as well as to improve co-ordination and establish transparency.

The ARAMIS website is part of a comprehensive information system of the Federal Administration.

ARAMIS was established in 1997 and covers all types of research (not just transport research).

It is designed to:

  • Provide interested parties with information about federally run or funded research activities and assessments (transparency),
  • Ensure that similar projects are not already being carried out within the Federal Administration (avoid redundancy),
  • Provide federal agencies with a simple tool that they can use to manage their research projects more efficiently (management tool).


Programme organisation: 

Database access and search capabilities:

Access to the majority of the ARAMIS database is free and no log-in is required. However there is a "private" section intended for project managers only, which requires a user ID and log-in (only employees of ARAMIS research units involved in ARAMIS research projects are eligible for this).

Projects can be searched for by project name or keyword or by the research unit for which the project was commissioned. There are 107 research units covering all apects of research, mostly government departments and agencies, research institutes, etc, of which around 20-25 have some relevance to transport, some key ones being:

  • the Federal Office for Transport,
  • the Federal Office for Spatial Development (Transport Co-ordination),
  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB / CFF),
  • Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO / ASTRA),
  • Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS).
  • Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN),
  • Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA),
  • Federal Bureau for the Equality of People with Disabilities (FBED),
  • etc.

The user interface is available in German, French and English. Project information given is usually in one of these languages, or in Italian.

Projects can also be searched by participant and the search can be narrowed by selecting only ongoing projects, ongoing projects plus projects that have been completed in the last five years, or all projects.

For each project searched for, the following information is provided:

  • Project name in original language (German, French or Italian) and English translation;
  • Research disciplines covered;
  • Government research unit responsible for commissioning the project;
  • Start and end dates;
  • Total project cost;
  • Short abstract of the project (this may be between a few lines to 1 page of text, usually in the language of the project but sometimes translated to another language);
  • Contact details of the project co-ordinator.

Only outline information on projects (project aims and activities) are given, not results or final reports.

Results of searches can be sorted by project start or end date, by project co-ordinator, by relevance or by research unit, and lists of results can also be exported to an Excel table.

Leading Institutions:

Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research

Type of funding:
Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Project Profiles:
  1. "Kap" stops – requirements and impacts (VSS2005/802)
  2. "Maintenance of structures": Actions (SIA 269/1)
  3. "Maintenance of structures": Composite steel and concrete structures (SIA 269/4) (AGB2005/203)
  4. "Maintenance of structures": Concrete structures (SIA 269/2) (AGB2005/201)
  5. "Maintenance of structures": Geotechnical design (SIA 269/7) (AGB2005/204)
  6. "Maintenance of structures": Steel structures (SIA 269/3) (AGB2005/202)
  7. 'Driver Inattention and Distraction' as Cause of Accident: How Do Drivers Behave in Cars? (SVI2007/007)
  8. A combined modal split and route choice model (SVI2004/029)
  9. Accelerated ageing method for hot applied joint sealants to simulate the installation process (VSS2005/404)
  10. Acceptance test of the skid resistance of new surface layers on the basis macrotexture measurements (VSS2008/702)
  11. Accessibility of the Swiss road network to 40-tonne trucks (ASTRA1999/147)
  12. Accessibility of traffic area for persons with disabilities (VSS2008/201)
  13. Accident costs and accident cost rates in road traffic (VSS2000/343)
  14. Achieving basis knowledge for determination of required characteristic values for the Gyratory compactor. (VSS1999/123)
  15. Adaptation of engineering structures to maintain general ecological connectivity (VSS1999/240)
  16. Adapting existing culverts for the use by terrestrial and aquatic fauna (VSS2003/603)
  17. Adhesive Bond between Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bridge Decks and Steel Griders (AGB2001/479)
  18. Adhesive Bond between Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bridge Decks and Steel Griders - Contunuation
  19. Administrative assistance to the Working Group for Bridge Research (AGB2006/010)
  20. Aggression in Traffic (SVI2004/051)
  21. Air permeability as characteristic parameter for the quality of cover concrete of concrete structures (AGB2002/003)
  22. Aircraft Piston Engine Emissions (2002-2)
  23. Alkali-aggregate-reaction - survey and prognosis of damages (AGB2005/023)
  24. Alternatives to pedestrian crossings in limited speed zones 30 km/h (SVI2004/073)
  25. Analysis of pavement performance models (VSS1999/119)
  26. Applicability of porous asphalt on bridges of the national road network (AGB2004/002)
  27. Application areas of various means of transportation in agglomerations (SVI2004/039)
  28. Application of graphical and cartographical representation methods to road data (VSS2001/702)
  29. Application of simulation tools in freight traffic and transport planning (SVI2004/088)
  30. Approach zones to tunnels on motorways (VSS1999/270)
  31. Asphaltic Plug Joint; Behaviour after longterm exposure to traffic loads (AGB2002/002)
  32. Assessment of existing bridges with actual traffic loads (AGB2002/005)
  33. Assessment of residual risks and acceptance criteria for accidental loading for infrastructural facilities (AGB2002/020)
  34. Assessment of the practical relevance of current ASR test methods (AGB2006/003)
  35. Assessment of urban transport and housing programmes (07014)
  36. Automatic Traffic Enforcement Systems by Means of Digital Images and Automatic License Plate Reading (VSS1999/301)
  37. Base standards for public transport (78 000 103 300)
  38. Base work for updating of the swiss standards for skid resistance SN 640'510 & SN 640'511 (VSS1999/298)
  39. Base works for a new orientation of the eveness swiss standards (VSS2004/703)
  40. Base works for the updating of the standards about visual monitoring of the pavement surface (VSS2010/701)
  41. Basic standards for variable message signing (VSS1999/115)
  42. Basic technologies for use in the detection of passengers (VSS2009/903)
  43. Basis, principles and measures for traffic calming and street enhancement (VSS1996/033)
  44. Behaviour of bridge bearings and expansion joints; state-of-the-art-report (AGB2000/405)
  45. Behaviour of early age concrete and crack limitiation of hybrid structures (ISS/MCS, EPFL), (AGB1997/064)
  46. Bibliographic research, tests and summaries of the most part of existing correlations among soil characterstics (VSS1996/030)
  47. Bond of prestressing tendons (AGB2002/006)
  48. Bonded franc deposits (DFD) and open customs warehouse (EDO): evaluation of operating conditions and control activities (12490)
  49. Bridges research package - EP 2: Liquid applied waterproofing materials, Investigation of bond performance (VSS2006/512_OBF)
  50. Bridges research package - EP 6: skirtings and edge terminations as well as connections on mountings (VSS2006/516_OBF)
  51. Bridges with jointless abutments (AGB2005/018)
  52. Building damages due to road and rail transport in Switzerland: Update of external costs in 2000 (02045)
  53. Calculation of operation expense ratio of automobiles for evaluating mesaures on road (VSS2005/205)
  54. Calculation of vehicle parking noise (VSS2000/466)
  55. Capacity of parking facilities (VSS2000/455)
  56. Capacity of roundabouts under saturated conditions (basic principles) (VSS1998/076)
  57. Capacity of two-lane roundabouts (VSS2005/301)
  58. Car-parking demand and supply (VSS2000/366)
  59. Case study analysis of facilities which generate high levels of trips
  60. Central areas without crosswalk (SVI2002/001)
  61. Changes of the skid resistance of pavements in the course of time (VSS1996/031)
  62. Checking of success of required environmental measures (SVI1999/142)
  63. Classification of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN) in Switzerland (VSS1999/116)
  64. Clay minerals and Sulphates as a Cause for Swelling of Rocks (ASTRA1996/039)
  65. Co-Financing Dynamic Transport for a Dynamic Economy D2 (78 000 105 120)
  66. Co-financing elaboration of a proposal for a subterrenean high velocity transport system (78 000 103 860)
  67. Co-financing of a census of transalpine border-crossing passenger transport 1999/2001 (78 000 100 400)
  68. Co-financing of historical timetables (78 000 103 340)
  69. Co-financing of micro census travel behavior 2005 (78 000 104 245)
  70. Co-financing of perspectives of passenger transport (78 000 103 882)
  71. Co-financing of the project (78 000 104 422)
  72. Co-financing of trials with thermic vegetation control applying hot vapour (78 000 101 604)
  73. Co-financing studies "Spacial effects of transport infrastructure"
  74. Cofinancing Modal-Spilt Functions in Freight Transport (78 000 103 881)
  75. Cofinancing of the project (78 000 105 841)
  76. Cold behaviour of bituminous binder (VSS1995/019)
  77. Cold recycling of reclaimed asphalt with bituminous binders (VSS2002/401)
  78. Communal road networks in Switzerland: Forms of new Public Private Partnership (PPP) Cooperations for the maintenance (ASTRA2003/007)
  79. Compaction control of trenches with light dynamic penetrometer (VSS1996/037)
  80. Comparative study on the resistance of concrete against chloride ingress (AGB1998/097)
  81. Comparative view and consideration of Parking-Management-Systems (VSS2000/456)
  82. Comparison of noise characteristics of wearing courses with Mastic Asphalt (Gussasphalt) with designed surface (VSS2003/503)
  83. Completion of road accidents statistics with medical data
  84. Concept for the efficient collection and analysis of freight data (SVI2009/002)
  85. Conceptual Interfaces between PMS-, BMS- and EMS-Databases (VSS1999/249)
  86. Concrete properties according to SN EN 206-1 (AGB2002/004)
  87. Condition assessment of the Ponte Moesa during demolition (AGB2005/014)
  88. Condition Survey of Bridges on Demolition (AGB1998/101)
  89. Conflict analysis in mixed traffic (SVI2001/542)
  90. Considering sustainability in the research and standards elaboration done by the VSS (ASTRA2004/010)
  91. Construction of a test soot particle generator using liquid fuel (ASTRA2003/006)
  92. Consulting in Research for Cathodic Protection and Evaluation of post-tensioned tendons (AGB1992/010)
  93. Control and evaluation of the corrosion protection of post-tensionned tendons (AGB1998/105)
  94. Control of longitudinal airflow in road tunnels in case of fire (ASTRA2007/002_OBF)
  95. Controlling of the basics for revision for the signalization of highways and national roads, direction signs and layout (VSS1992/007)
  96. Cooperation for the initial project: Urban low noise pavements (ASTRA2008/014)
  97. Correlation between Road-Texture and skidresistance of pavement and influences on noise (VSS2009/703)
  98. Correlation between the values of compaction AASHTO-Standard and AASHTO-Modified (VSS1999/283)
  99. Corrosion inhibitors for the innovative and cost effective repair of chloride contaminated reinforced concrete structures
  100. Corrosion of Concrete in Tunnel-Buildings: Deterioration Mechanisms (ASTRA1999/145)
  101. Cost Model for Preservation of Road Structures
  102. Cost-Benefit-Analysis for Road Investment Projects (VSS2000/342)
  103. Coupling of a road database and a geographical information system (GIS, LIS) (VSS1994/015)
  104. Creative Carbon Partnerships (CCP)
  105. Cross tests in soil mechanics (VSS1998/188)
  106. Crossing railway / road (VSS1999/111)
  107. Crossings in point for pedestrian and bicycle traffic with and without precedence: Projecting (VSS2008/203)
  108. DACH – Research project – Durability of porous asphalt pavements (VSS2007/501)
  109. Damage mechanisms of concrete under frost deicing salt attack (AGB1995/027)
  110. Data exchange with the Road Administration Data Exchange Format (RADEF) on the Trans European Network (TERN) (VSS1999/117)
  111. Data processing for Multimode Traffic Control (VSS2003/901)
  112. Database for traffic generation rates (VSS2005/203)
  113. Decision-making in Transport Policy (SVI2004/004)
  114. Design aids for the planning of TBM drives in squeezing ground (FGU2007/005)
  115. Design Guidelines for Road and Rail Freight Terminals (VSS1998/189)
  116. Design of brigde edges (AGB1999/161)
  117. Design of rural roads and car parks (VSS1999/290)
  118. Design of technical measures to increase road safety and traffic flow on reconstruction areas of highways. (VSS1999/127)
  119. Design of the road area and the environment (VSS1999/110)
  120. Design volumes at stations and stops of public transports (VSS1998/187)
  121. Detection of chlorides using Ground Penetrating Radar (AGB2005/009)
  122. Development of a best practice methodology for risk assessment in roadway tunnels (ASTRA2009/001)
  123. Development of a combined heat and power plant in the lower wattage range with vegetable oil supply (ASTRA2006/004)
  124. Development of a nondestructive test method for seams of polymeric waterproofing membranes (feasibility study) (FGU2004/003)
  125. Development of decision support system for the design of transport infrastructure (VSS2000/339)
  126. Development of Optimized Mixes and Selection of Suitable Binders – D-A-CH – Initial Project (ASTRA2006/002)
  127. Development of the bases for the quantification of the effects of safety deficits and safety gains (VSS2005/302)
  128. Diffusion of the research results about fauna passages (ASTRA1998/095)
  129. Discount rate in Cost Benefit Analysis for Infrastructure projects in Transportation (VSS2003/201)
  130. Disposition and execution of stairs, ramps and paths of stairs (VSS2003/203)
  131. Durability of concrete pavements of recycled concrete (VSS2008/404_OBF)
  132. Durability of stainless steel reinforcements in concrete structures (AGB2005/010)
  133. Durable road structures with minimum maintenance - Selected topics (AGB2000/173)
  134. Dynamic coefficients for the evaluation of existing highway bridges (AGB1998/104)
  135. Dynamic signalling at primary distributors (VSS2008/304)
  136. Dynamic structural capacity of reinforced concrete slabs due to rockfall (AGB2006/017)
  137. Dynamic traffic demand models (VSS1999/259)
  138. (car sharing) (09007)
  139. Economic impact of federal highway construction in Switzerland (ASTRA2001/014)
  140. Effect and influence of maintenance actions on the in-situ behaviour of asphalt pavements (VSS1998/084)
  141. Effectiveness of road-winter-service (VSS1999/246)
  142. Effects and measures in the HVS-network with ramp metering (VSS2003/302)
  143. Effects of temperature in bridge design (AGB2001/475)
  144. Effects of changes in parking supply on travel behavior (VSS1997/046)
  145. Effects of Parking Supply on Travel Behavior and Energy Consumption (SVI2008/002)
  146. Efficiency of noise barriers under the influence of wind and temperature gradients (ASTRA2002/012)
  147. Elaboration of a predictive method for evaluation of pavement rutting (VSS1998/074)
  148. Electric vehicles and new mobility concepts
  149. Electrical Resistivity of Concrete (AGB1994/018)
  150. Electrically isolated tendons: Use in regions with stray currents and localization of short circuits to the reinforcement and of defects (AGB2001/481)
  151. Emission and smoke recirculation in road tunnels (FGU2008/007_OBF)
  152. Energy and ecological balance of low temperature bituminous mixtures for asphalt pavements (VSS2010/542)
  153. Energy extraction from urban tunnels, Evaluation of systems (FGU2008/006)
  154. Equipment of multi-modal transfer points (SVI2004/096)
  155. Error Propagation in Transport Models (SVI2004/015)
  156. Estimation of the average annual deterioriation of urban road networks (VSS2002/703)
  157. Evaluation and Assessment of quality in the freight transport market (ASTRA2002/011)
  158. Evaluation and transfer into the practice of research projects in the field of bridge research (AGB1999/160)
  159. Evaluation of existing systems for the long-term measurement of bridge deflections
  160. Evaluation of road restraint systems in central reserve (VSS2005/201)
  161. Evaluation of state of electromechanical equipments (VSS1999/291)
  162. Evaluation of test- parameters for the force-ductility (VSS1999/121)
  163. Evaluation of the guideline (FGU2003/003)
  164. Evaluation of the possible use of a light falling weight device for compaction control of unbound subbase layers (VSS2002/501)
  165. Evaluation of traffic safety using microsimulation (ASTRA2003/005)
  166. Evaluation tool for traffic analysis for the national passenger and freight transport model (09015)
  167. Evolution of the condition state of concrete highway bridges (AGB1996/043)
  168. Ex-post analysis of the spatial impact of transport infrastructure - Case study of Zurich S-Bahn (suburban rail) (02048)
  169. Ex-post analysis of the spatial impact of transport infrastructure: Vereina rail tunnel case study (04013)
  170. Excel©-based tool for the risk analysis of rock-fall protection galleries (AGB2008/003)
  171. Experiences with long integral bridges (AGB2009/001)
  172. Experimental research on shear strength of prestressed beams with thin webs (AGB2001/486)
  173. Experimental Trials to Detect Breaks of Reinforcing Bars with the Magnetic Flux Leakage Method (AGB2009/006)
  174. Experimental verification of the proposed space and topology model for the Traffic Management applications in Switzerland (MDA Trafo) (VSS2009/901)
  175. Expert assistance to the working group on bridge research (AGB1999/162)
  176. External costs of traffic in the field of nature and landscapes (main study) (348.2)
  177. External health costs caused by traffic related air pollution in Switzerland (02044)
  178. External noise costs due to road and rail traffic in Switzerland (02043)
  179. Facilities used intensively by the Public (SVI2001/545)
  180. Fatigue design of bridges with welded circular hollow sections (AGB1998/103)
  181. Fatigue life assessment of road bridges with actual traffic loads (AGB2007/004)
  182. Fatigue of bridge deck slabs strengthened with reinforced UHPFRC (AGB2008/005)
  183. Field-test with different cobblestone paving and block paving (VSS2008/503)
  184. Filler - Influence of phyllosilicates for the use in road construction (VSS1999/276)
  185. Fire protection in tunnels: Protection goals and fire design (FGU2008/003_OBF)
  186. Flexibility in planning of streets and public spaces / flexible traffic areas (SVI2008/003)
  187. Flow coefficient of fine aggregates from Switzerland (VSS2005/403)
  188. Fogging of windshields in road tunnels - synthesis (ASTRA2001/013)
  189. Forecasting expert system for road slipperiness (ASTRA2008/002_OBF)
  190. Foundations of the perspectives of tourism transport, Module M13 / 2 (02024)
  191. Freight logistic requirements to traffic infrastructure and longterm development of network in Switzerland (subproject C of master research project „strategies for adequate applications of means of transport in freight traffic in Switzerland“) (SVI200
  192. Freight traffic intensive industries and freight transport flows in Switzerland (subproject B1 of master research project (SVI2009/003)
  193. Freight transport research package: Essential strategies for the fair use of freight transport in Switzerland (09024)
  194. Freight transportation in urban transportation planning (SVI2003/002)
  195. Functional requirements for traffic collection systems relating to traffic lights (VSS2007/303)
  196. Fundamental research on the phenomenon of the thawing of the soils (VSS2001/503)
  197. Fundamentals for the use of recycled concrete comprised of concrete material (AGB2005/021)
  198. Future applications in satellites navigation for road telematics and for road management system. (VSS2003/903)
  199. Gathering of the relevant influence factors in bridge sealing with waterproof sheeting systems (AGB1998/100)
  200. Gender and transport (SVI2004/013)
  201. GIS data for the rail transport sector plan (00119)
  202. Guidance of bicycles on roads with public transport (VSS1998/077)
  203. Guiding principles of sustainable mobility
  204. Hazard scenarios for bridges due to avalanche impact based on the experiences with the collapsed bridge Ri di Alp/Lukmanier Pass (AGB1998/108)
  205. Illness and reasons for absences in the road maintenance services (ASTRA2004/019)
  206. Impact of adverse weather conditions on pavement – Performance analysis in the case of temperature changes (ASTRA2009/004)
  207. Improvement of the individual driver behaviour model in order to evaluate the safety level of a traffic flow using microsimulation (ASTRA2004/015)
  208. Improvement of the potential field measurement (AGB2002/007)
  209. In-situ measurement of the acoustical properties of noise barriers (VSS2002/202)
  210. Incidence of round or partially round shape of aggregates on the skidd resistance of bituminous mixtures. Additional testing regarding the introduction of the standard EN 13043. (VSS2002/405)
  211. Incident Detection in Road Tunnels
  212. Indentation test for hard Gussasphalt (VSS2001/504)
  213. Influence of different cement types on crack development in cement stabilized layers (continuation of FA 28/88) (VSS1997/047)
  214. Influence of groundwater flow on swelling in the Gipskeuper formation of the Belchentunnel (FGU2008/004_OBF)
  215. Influence of groundwater flow on the swelling of the Gipskeuper formation in the Chienberg tunnel (FGU2008/005)
  216. Influence of In-Vehicle Information Systems on Road Safety Requirements (IVIS) (ASTRA2004/016)
  217. Influence of noise barriers use on reptile habitat use (VSS2010/601)
  218. Influence of Swiss Fillers on Aging of Bituminous Binders and Cracking. (VSS1998/070)
  219. Influence of the Binder Coverage of Mineral Aggregates on the Mechanical Properties of the Bituminous Mixtures, (VSS1999/128)
  220. Influence of the compression temperature on the results of the Marshall examination and installation control (VSS2001/506)
  221. Influences and interactions of the surface quality and the bearing capacity on the intrinsic value and the user value (VSS2004/713)
  222. Influences of fire resistant concrete structure (FGU2003/004)
  223. Information technologies in future transport economy (SVI2009/005)
  224. Initial project – Bituminous mixture with low energetical and ecological impacts (VSS2008/502)
  225. Innovative approaches to parking management (SVI2004/043)
  226. Inspection techniques for structures, roads and mainnetworks (AGB1999/157)
  227. Integrated pv noise barrieres: three innovative 10 kWp Testing Facilities (ASTRA1996/040)
  228. Interaction between fauna and traffic networks (VSS1997/050)
  229. Intermodal level of services – preliminary study (SVI2007/005)
  230. International PIARC Experiment to Compare and Harmonise Texture and Skid Resistance Measurements (VSS1992/005)
  231. Intervention in the case of fires in road tunnels (ASTRA2002/005)
  232. Introduction of the new European permeameter (VSS2006/504)
  233. Investigation of the infiltration of road runoff water through the road shoulder at an existing site (VSS2001/202)
  234. Investigation on fluctuations of electrical resistance of permanent anchors (AGB2001/489)
  235. Joints Sealing; Long-term behaviour of polymerbitumen joint sealants on a test section (VSS1991/003)
  236. Know-how and technology transfer in the transport sector. Evaluations and recommendations (SVI2004/003)
  237. Knowledge lacks of the infrastructure management process for road networks in agglomerations (VSS2010/A01)
  238. Laboratory investigations performed on five beams removed from Viadotto delle Cantine a Capolago highway bridge (AGB2001/485)
  239. Land transport agreement and border regions
  240. Landscape fragmentation by transportation infrastructure in Switzerland: Quantitative analysis 1900-2002 and implications for traffic planning and regional planning (ASTRA2004/012)
  241. Large event logistical and support traffic management (SVI1999/143)
  242. Lateral buckling of bridge steel girders (AGB2008/004)
  243. Level of safety for the evaluation of existing highway bridges (AGB1999/156)
  244. Level of Service and Capacity for undivided highways (VSS2000/338)
  245. Level of service and capacity of complex uncontrolled intersections – Development of an analytical estimation procedure (VSS2008/301)
  246. Life cycle analysis of technical equipment (VSS1999/292)
  247. Load model (40 tonne-traffic) for the assessment of existing road bridges (AGB1999/154)
  248. Local enhancement of granular snow from low stratus (industrial snow) (VSS1999/244)
  249. Long term stability of deep tunnels - Analysis of Swiss underground constructions (FGU2003/002)
  250. Long-term behaviour of waterproofing systems for cut-and-cover tunnels (LABSY) (Continuation of FA 91/98; AGB1998/106); AGB1998/202
  251. Long-term durability of polymeric waterproofing systems for tunneling applications (FGU2004/002)
  252. Long-term Outcomes of Road Traffic Accidents (SVI2009/001)
  253. Long-time swelling tests on anhydrite rock (FGU2006/001)
  254. Longterm performance of the interlayer bond - relation between value after construction and long term performance (VSS2005/503)
  255. Los Angeles test complement in foresight of the introduction of the european standard regarding aggregates (EN 13043) (VSS2002/407)
  256. Maintenance management for electro-mechanic equipment (VSS1998/080)
  257. Maintenance, Pavement-Management of Road Infrastructure; Project management and Controlling (VSS2004/710)
  258. Management of the quality of data related to spatial referencing and to road axis geometry, synthesis of research projects and support for the editing of new norms (VSS2000/364)
  259. Market- and User-Monitoring for Electric Mobility (MANUEL) (ASTRA2010/022)
  260. Measures to accomplish the quality requirements when constructing bridges (new structures, conservation) (AGB2002/031)
  261. Mechanical properties of porous asphalt, proposals for standardisation (VSS1999/280)
  262. Mechanism of Blister Formation (VSS2006/515_OBF)
  263. Methodological study concerning "modal split target in Swiss transport policy"
  264. Methodology for the use of tunnel excavation materials taking into account the type of material and the excavation method (ASTRA1998/094)
  265. Methodology to estimate the need of maintenance in local road networks. (VSS2004/701)
  266. Methods for measuring and evaluating the reliability of traffic systems (SVI2002/002)
  267. Methods for the calculation of capacity, level of service and environmental tolerance of transporation facilities (VSS1995/023)
  268. Methods to increase durability - sequel to the field study in the Naxbergtunnel
  269. Mini-roundabouts (VSS1998/192)
  270. Minimum reinforcement of concrete structures (AGB1997/066)
  271. Mode Split Functions for freight transport (SVI2004/081)
  272. Modeling of objects and processes for the road information system (VSS2001/701)
  273. Modernisation of traffic control equipment
  274. Monitoring and controlling of total traffic in urban agglomeration (SVI2004/090)
  275. Monitoring rural areas / Thematic analysis V1 (05025)
  276. Multifunctional high-performance surface protection systems for civil engineering structures:Testing the properties and the efficiency of commercial products and defining the demands for their application to structures of the FEDRO (AGB2009/004_OBF)
  277. Multipurpose-Lanes. Middle Lanes of Roads accessible for both motor vehicles and slow moving traffic (VSS1998/195)
  278. National passenger traffic model - Completion of master network and amendments for 2005 and 2030 (09011)
  279. National passenger transport model - 2030 prognosis model for average weekday traffic and average daily traffic for motorised individual transport (09005)
  280. National passenger transport model - Building web database and calculation of morning and evening peak hour traffic forecasts for 2030 (08028)
  281. Net Traffic Induction of New or Expanded Planning Projects (SVI2003/001)
  282. Network Research on Mobility and Health (7f-04445.01)
  283. Network Research on Mobility and Health (7f-04445.02)
  284. New methods for assessing the low temperature properties of bituminous binders (VSS2006/001)
  285. New Mobility plus (04034)
  286. New signs and roadmarkings for revision of norming (VSS1994/016)
  287. Noise behaviour on different pavement surface (VSS1992/006)
  288. Noise Protection on Bridges
  289. Noise reduced pavement for roads in cities (ASTRA2004/006)
  290. Noise reduced pavement for roads in cities. Tests – participation (ASTRA2008/007)
  291. Noise reduced pavement for roads in cities.Tests – participation (ASTRA2005/006)
  292. Noise-reflections on structures in the street (VSS2006/204)
  293. Non-destructive inspection of steel cables with large diameters for cables with large diameters for cables-stayed bridges (AGB2000/428)
  294. Non-destructive investigation of leaks in double-shell underground structures (FGU2004/001)
  295. Non-destructive testing and evaluation of adhesion and surfaces (VSS2006/514_OBF)
  296. NRP 41 final session: Towards Sustainable Mobility (352.4-Tagungen)
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