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Accelerated Electrification of Inland Waterways (2017-NL-TM-0140-W)


Accelerated Electrification of Inland Waterways (2017-NL-TM-0140-W)


The Action is part of a Global Project aiming at a successful transition towards full electric inland waterway transport, encompassing vessels, infrastructures and equipment for power supply. It includes the deployment of vessels with on board e-power supply equipment, as well as battery supply, storage and related shore-based infrastructure to achieve “full zero emissions".

In this framework, the first phase in the implementation of the Global Project is supported by the CEF funded Action "Port-Liner, "zero emission" ships for inland waterways" (2017-NL-TM-0056-W) ". It will roll out the first six “zero emission” inland waterway container vessels for container transport with full electric propulsion using innovative containerized battery technology (49 E-Powerboxes).

The Action is the second phase of the Global Project. The specific objective is to build and bring into operation 9 inland vessels with all-electric propulsion fed by E-powerboxes. It includes the construction of 5 multipurpose "Kempenaar"-sized vessels and 5 containerized batteries, as well as 4 container vessels with extra width (14.2m) and 20 containerised batteries.

The vessels will operate in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, on key inland waterway sections of the Baltic - North Sea, North Sea - Mediterranean and Rhine - Alpine Corridors.

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Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
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E-Portliner Holding B.v.

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