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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport


CEF Transport

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport

Strategic Objectives: 

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport is the funding instrument to realise European transport infrastructure policy. It aims at supporting investments in building new transport infrastructure in Europe or rehabilitating and upgrading the existing one.

TEN-T policy objectives foresee:

  • completion by 2030 of the Core Network, structured around nine multimodal Core Network Corridors.
  • completion by 2050 of the Comprehensive Network in order to facilitate accessibility to all European regions

CEF Transport focuses on cross-border projects and projects aiming at removing bottlenecks or bridging missing links in various sections of the Core Network and on the Comprehensive Network (link), as well as for horizontal priorities such as traffic management systems.  

CEF Transport also supports innovation in the transport system in order to improve the use of infrastructure, reduce the environmental impact of transport, enhance energy efficiency and increase safety.

The total budget for CEF Transport is €24.05 billion for the the period 2014-2020. INEA is responsible for implementing €22.4 of the CEF Transport budget in the forms of grants during the same period.

Leading Institutions:


Type of funding:
Total Budget: 
€24.05 billion
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

For a full list of the projects covered, visit the website:

Project Profiles:
  1. Accelerated Electrification of Inland Waterways (2017-NL-TM-0140-W)
  2. Action 2017-EU-TM-0147-W - LNGHIVE2 Vessels Demand: Green and smart links - LNG solutions for smart maritime links in Spanish Core ports
  3. Advanced deployment of innovative solutions to improve railway traffic management & operation on the Core Network
  4. Alternative Fuel Implementation in Igoumenitsa Port
  5. AMBRA-Electrify Europe
  6. An efficient LNG bunker barge in the port of Barcelona
  8. Biohybrid-Market rollout of sustainable small-scale solution supplying LBG as alternative fuel for heavy-duty transport
  9. BioLNG EuroNet
  11. BioMovLNG
  12. Blue Stations Network
  13. Boosting Energy Sustainable fuels for freight Transport in European motorWays
  14. Building a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in order to decarbonise public transport in Warsaw
  15. Building a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in order to decarbonise public transport in Warsaw
  16. Building up the next generation infrastructures for Electric Vehicles
  17. C-Roads Belgium/Wallonia
  18. C-ROADS Hungary
  21. C-Roads Slovenia 2
  22. Central European Ultra Charging
  23. CEZ EV TEN-T Fast Charging Network
  24. CIRVE Project
  25. CIRVE_PT
  26. Clean Urban Transport Fleet Renewal
  27. CNG Clean Fuel Box Project
  28. Comprehensive fast-charging corridor network in South East Europe
  29. Connected Corridor for Driving Automation
  30. Construction of a pilot docking station, as a part of an LNG distribution system based on cryogenic tank containers
  31. Core Network Corridors and Liquefied Natural Gas
  33. Creating the station of the future
  34. Creation of an LNG road haulage market in a smart & quick way
  35. Demonstration study of infrastructure associated with an innovative LNG traction solution in railway operations
  36. Deployment of autogas refuelling stations in different metropolitan areas between Spain and Portugal
  37. Deployment of hybrid systems for rail infrastructure to reduce energy consumption by 30%
  38. Development of a network of alternative fuel technology in the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridors across Spain
  39. Development of smart e-charging services in Italy
  40. e-Mobilty, Infrastructure and Innovative Intermodal Services in Ljubljana, Bratislava and Zagreb
  41. E-VIA – FLEX-E mobility in Spain, France, Italy
  42. Early Warning Intelligent System for Road Transportation Risks
  43. EAST-E
  44. Electrification of the Seine Axis: onshore power and water supply for fluvial units
  45. Electrify Europe
  46. European COrridors for natural GAs Transport Efficiency
  47. European Ultra-Charge Roll Out Project - Electric
  48. EV Charging Italy
  49. EV Fast Charging Backbone Network Central Europe
  50. EVA+ (Electric Vehicles Arteries in Italy and Austria)
  51. FAST-E (DE/BE)
  52. FAST-E (SK/CZ)
  53. FLEX-E mobility in Spain, France, Italy
  54. FueLCNG
  55. GAINN for Mobile Infrastructure Deployment
  57. Green Connect - A public CNG network
  58. Green Region for Electrification and Alternatives fuels for Transport
  59. Grupo Ruiz Clean Bus Fleet
  60. H2Benelux
  61. H2Bus Europe
  62. High speed electric mobility across Europe
  63. Hydrogen Purifying Unit and Filling Infrastructure
  64. Iberdrola Smart Mobilit
  65. Île-de-France deals with Green Buses
  66. Initial Market Deployment of a Refuelling Station Network along the Core Network Corridors
  68. LEM project – pilot implementation of electromobility along the TEN-T base network
  69. Liquefied natural gas as alternative fuel for transport
  70. Liquiefied BioGas: Fuelling renewable transport in the Visegrad countries
  71. LNG Logistics
  72. LNG motion
  73. LNG Rollout in Central Europe - for a greener transportation sector
  74. LNG4Trucks
  75. LNGHIVE2 Infrastructure and Logistics Solutions
  76. Low-noise and low-carbon freight delivery for postal operators to ensure last mile connections through optimised urban and long distance transport
  77. Low-noise and low-carbon freight delivery for postal operators to ensure last mile connections through optimised urban and long distance transport (POSTLowCIT)
  78. M2I (Mobilité Integrée pour l'Ile-de-France)
  79. Masterplan for OPS in Spanish ports
  80. Metropolitan Greater Areas - Electric
  81. Multimodal e-mobility connectivity for the Öresund Region (MECOR)
  82. Multiple Urban and Long-distance Transport Initiatives – Electric and CNG
  83. NCE-AdvancedEvNet
  84. NCE-FastEvNet
  85. NEXT-E
  86. NG Technologies and Innovation for Maritime Transport
  87. Nordic Hydrogen Corridor: zero emission transport between the capitals of the Nordic countries with fuel cell vehicles
  88. Nordic LNG/CNG - Decarbonisation of the Core Network by deployment of alternative fuel refuelling infrastructure
  89. NordicWay 2
  90. Olympic Energy: Tipping the scale towards Bio-CNG for European transport starts in TEN-T Core Urban Node of Paris
  91. PAN-LNG Project
  92. Pilot deployment of a smart (bio-)LNG/CNG network in Flanders, investigating an innovative ‘mobile CNG pipeline’ concept
  93. Pilot implementation of an Upper Rhine traffic management platform
  94. Port-Liner, "zero emission" ships for inland waterways.
  95. REMETBUS2 Rotterdam
  96. Saving Lives Assessing and Improving TEN-T Road Network Safety
  97. Sea Li-ion
  98. Seven Europe Network
  99. Shifting Freight2Rail – Innovative international TT process and increased real time t&t for customer satisfaction
  100. Small-scale liquefaction and supply facility for Liquefied Biogas as alternative fuel for the transport sector
  101. Snam 4 Mobility - retail LNG network development
  102. Study for a pilot CNG filling station network
  103. Study of Innovative Natural Gas Solutions for Road Transport in North West Europe with Pilot Deployment in UK and Netherlands
  104. Study optimizing the functioning and deployment of alternative fuel stations of the TENT-T core network
  105. SuperGreen (SG)
  106. Svealand Public Transport infrastructure roll-out for biogas and electric buses
  107. System of Coordinated Roadside and Automotive Services for Traffic Efficiency and Safety
  108. The Causeway Study - Impact of CNG on the Irish Gas Network
  109. Total High Power Charging
  110. Zero Emission Buses for public transport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  111. Zero emission public transport services for Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and along the core corridors
  112. Zero Emission Valley
Contact Name: 
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency - European Commission
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+32 (0)2 299 5252