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Aeronautics and air transport European Research Agenda - Promotion

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€300 359
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Background & Policy context

Two important milestones of special relevance to aeronautics and air transport research were planned:

  • the release in Spring 2011 by a High Level Research Vision Group of a Vision for Aeronautics and Air Transport beyond 2020 and towards 2050;
  • the development of a strategic research agenda (SRA) based on this Vision through the involvement and consultation of all major Aeronautics and Air Transport stakeholders via the NEARS (New European Aviation Research Strategy) FP7 project.

This strategic research agenda which outlined the main threads of technical/operational/strategic actions to achieve the fulfilment of the Vision, is scheduled to be released during the Spring 2012. Limited dissemination activities were scheduled to take place during the NEARS project and therefore there is a great opportunity to raise the profile of this research-intensive sector by orchestrating a dissemination campaign matching the expectations of transforming the strategic research agenda into a well known reference document for all the Aeronautics and Air Transport Stakeholders and beyond. The scope of this dissemination campaign set out to cover, as extensively as possible, all the European Member States, promote the image of the European Research in this sector on a global scale and use the best in class communication means to address audiences which are usually more difficult to reach (e.g. the SME's and East European Countries).

Tailoring a dissemination campaign around the new agenda to maximize its impact also contributed to this overarching objective.


The new agenda will be the focus for future aeronautics and air transport research, at  European level as well as for national and industrial programmes. The aim is to ensure that, in times of unpredicted challenges and limited resources, mobility needs of the European citizen are satisfied safely and more sustainably, and that Europe continues to maintain its leading position at the forefront of research.


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The European Commission
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Public (EU)
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As from the starting date of the project (1st of January 2012), the work concentrated on the following areas:

  • Structuring of the Communication Plan.
  • Issuance of a dissemination campaign plan to cover the events in Europe and to ensure sufficient involvement of experts across the Air Transport community.
  • Coordination of the dissemination events, including meetings.
  • Development of communication material.
  • Setting up of the AERA-Pro website with registration option per event and to make contact data available to the AERA-Pro partners and to feed the database.
  • 9 Dissemination events all over Europe

The main result of the AERA-Pro through its dissemination events was to ensure that Europe continues to maintain its leading position at the forefront of the Aeronautical Research.

Strategy targets

Innovating for the future:technology and behaviour:

  • A European Transport Research and Innovation Policy


Lead Organisation
Aerospace And Defence Industries Association Of Europe
270, Avenue de Tervuren, 1150 BRUSSELS, Belgium
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€125 131
Partner Organisations
Minerva Consulting & Communication
Av. de Tervuren 32-34, 1040 BRUSSELS, Belgium
EU Contribution
€147 660
Deutsches Zentrum Fr Luft Und Raumfahrt E.v
Linder Hoehe, 51147 KOELN, Germany
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€27 568


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