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Transport (Including Aeronautics) - Horizontal activities for implementation of the transport programme (TPT)



Transport (Including Aeronautics) - Horizontal activities for implementation of the transport programme (TPT)

Background & policy context: 

The 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) is the EC’s tool to co-finance research, technological development and demonstration projects in order to respond to Europe's needs in terms of jobs and competitiveness, and to maintain leadership in the global knowledge economy.

FP7 consists of five specific programmes (SP) (Cooperation, Ideas, People, Capacities, Nuclear Research), and “Cooperation” is the core programme (two thirds of the overall budget are allocated to it). Ten key thematic areas are addressed by this SP:

  1. Health;
  2. Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology;
  3. Information and communication technologies;
  4. Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies;
  5. Energy;
  6. Environment (including climate change);
  7. Transport (including aeronautics);
  8. Socio-economic sciences and the humanities;
  9. Space;
  10. Security.

The thematic area “Transport (including aeronautics)” provides for three sub-themes (Aeronautics and Air Transport, Sustainable Surface Transport, GALILEO) and horizontal activities for the implementation of the transport programme to address issues common to more than one sub-theme or transport mode. TPT relates to these horizontal activities.

Strategic Objectives: 

The general objective of the theme 7 “Transport (including aeronautics)” of the Cooperation programme is the development of integrated, safer, “greener” and “smarter” pan-European sustainable transport systems, and at the same time further enhancing the competitiveness of the European industries in the global market.

The objective of TPT is to provide horizontal activities supporting the integration within the transport theme. TPT support a number of topics that exploit the synergies between air transport and the surface transport modes and that can make a contribution to the common objectives of advancing competitiveness, anticipating and responding to the socio-economic and environmental challenges of the transport system. In particular the TPT activities aim to address intermodality and issues that are common or to more than a single transport mode.

Programme organisation: 

Topics of FP7-TPT are clustered around major EU policy drivers for clarity purposes. These clusters are:

  1. Environmental impacts of transport and climate change;
  2. Enhanced integration of transport modes;
  3. Transport system efficiency and competitiveness;
  4. Raising awareness of transport research results in Europe;
  5. Support to policy.

The funding instruments are Collaborative Project (CP) and Co-ordination and Support Actions (CSA), Research for the benefit of Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Specific International Cooperation Actions (SICA).

Leading Institutions:

The European Commission

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The indicative budget allocated to the TPT is:

  • € 12 million for 2007;
  • € 14.8 million for 2008.
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

Examples of projects within this sub-programme include:

  • AGAPE - ACARE goals progress evaluation;
  • AIMS - Advanced impacts evaluation methodology for innovative freight transport solutions;
  • CONCERTOUR - Concerted innovative approaches, strategies, solutions and services improving mobility and European tourism;
  • ETNA - European transport NCP alliance;
  • ITRAVEL - i-Travel - service platform for the connected traveller;
  • KOMODA - Co-modality - towards optimised integrated chains in freight transport logistics;
  • MEFISTO - Methodology for framework programmes impact assessment in transport;
  • METRONOME - Methodology for evaluation of project impacts in the field of transport;
  • MOVE TOGETHER - Raising citizens awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment;
  • SHLOW - SHLOW show me how slow : mobilising evidence from transport research into speed;
  • SITPRO PLUS - Study of the impacts of the transport RTD projects in FP5 and FP6
  • TRA2008 - Transport research arena 2008;
  • WISETRIP - Wide scale network of e-systems for multimodal journey planning and delivery of trip intelligent personalised data.
Project Profiles:
  1. 2-wheeler behaviour and safety
  2. 2nd Generation Active Wing Active Flow- Loads & Noise control on next generation wing
  3. 4 Dimension Contracts - Guidance and Control
  4. A Life-cycle Autonomous Modular System for Aircraft Material State Evaluation and Restoring System
  5. A MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of the Passenger EXperience
  6. A new TAXI application guided by SATellite
  7. A novel concept of an extremely short take off and landing all-surface (ESTOLAS) hybrid aircraft: from a light passenger aircraft to a very high payload cargo/passenger version
  8. A railway automatic track warning system based on distributed personal mobile terminals
  9. ACARE Goals Progress Evaluation
  10. ACCelerating EGNOS adoPTion in Aviation
  11. Achieve QUieter Oceans by shipping noise footprint reduction
  12. Achieving Real Change with Innovative Transport Measures Demonstrating Energy Savings
  13. Acoustically green road vehicles and city areas
  14. Actions to Stimulate Participation of Cooperation Partners in Surface Transport Research
  15. Active Control for Flexible 2020 Aircraft
  16. ACTUATION 2015: Modular Electro Mechanical Actuators for ACARE 2020 Aircraft and Helicopters
  17. Adaptive and Passive Flow Control for Fan Broadband Noise Reduction
  18. Adaptive and smart materials and structures for more efficient vessels
  19. Adaptive Control of Manufacturing Processes for a New Generation of Jet Engine Components
  20. Adaptive seat to reduce neck injuries for female and male occupants
  21. ADVance Integrated Composite TailCone
  22. Advanced Cockpit for Reduction Of StreSS and workload
  23. Advanced dynamic validations using integrated simulation and experimentation
  24. Advanced Electric Vehicle Architectures
  25. Advanced fault diagnosis for safer flight guidance and control
  26. Advanced Flexible Automation Cell
  27. Advanced Flow Diagnostics for Aeronautical Research
  28. Advanced Fluorinated Materials for High Safety, Energy and Calendar Life Lithium Ion Batteries
  29. Advanced High Volume Affordable Lightweighting for Future Electric Vehicles
  30. Advanced Hybrid Engines for Aircraft Development
  31. Advanced Impacts Evaluation Methodology for Innovative Freight Transport Solutions
  32. Advanced In-flight Measurement Techniques 2
  33. Advanced Lattice Structures for Composite Airframes
  34. Advanced Radar Tracking and Classification for Enhanced Road Safety
  35. Advanced Receiver Terminal - eXtension to technology and market evolution
  36. Advanced Reluctance Motors for Electric Vehicle Applications
  37. Advanced Structural Light-Weight Architectures for Electric Vehicles
  38. Advanced Techniques for Navigation Receivers and Applications
  39. Advanced technologies for bomb-proof cargo containers and blast containment units for the retrofitting of passenger airplanes
  40. Advanced Turbulence Simulation for Aerodynamic Application Challenges
  41. Advancing sustainable urban transport in an enlarged europe through CIVITAS
  42. Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle
  43. Aero-Thermodynamic Loads on Lightweight Advanced Structures II
  44. Aerodynamic loads estimation at extremes of the flight envelope
  45. AEROdynamic Surfaces by advanced MUltifunctional COatings
  46. Aeronautics and air transport European Research Agenda - Promotion
  47. Ageing and efficiency Simulation & TEsting under Real world conditions for Innovative electric vehicle Components and Systems
  48. Air Cargo Technology Road Map
  49. Air Transport Net (AirTN)
  50. Air Transport Network – Next Generation
  52. Aircraft Integrated Structural Health Assessment II
  53. Airfoil-based Solution for Vessel On-board Energy Production Destined to Traction and Auxiliary Services
  54. All Condition Operations and Innovative Cockpit Infrastructure
  55. Alternative Fuels and Biofuels for Aircraft Development
  56. Antenna and Front-End Modules for Public Regulates Service Applications
  57. Applying Pilot Models for Safer Aircraft
  58. Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society
  59. ARTEMIS CROSS-Domain Architecture
  60. ASPHALT, Advance galileo navigation System for asPHALt’s fleeT machines
  61. Assessing the EDUCational Gaps in Aeronautics and AIR Transport
  62. Assessing the social and economic impacts of past and future sustainable transport policy in Europe
  63. Assessment methodologies for forward looking Integrated Pedestrian and further extension to Cyclists Safety Systems
  64. Assessment of integrated vehicle safety systems for improved vehicle safety
  65. ASSET Advanced Safety and Driver Support in Essential Road Transport
  66. ASSET Aeronautic Study on Seamless Transport
  67. Atomic Gyroscope for Enhanced Navigation
  68. Attenuation of ground-borne vibration affecting residents near freight railway lines
  69. Augmented Usage of Track by Optimisation of Maintenance, Allocation and Inspection of railway Networks
  70. Authenticated Time and Location for location based Applications and Services
  71. Automated and Cost Effective Maintenance for railway
  72. Automatic oil-spill recognition and geopositioning integrated in a marine monitoring network
  73. Automotive Mechatronic Baseline for Electric Resilient Ultra Light Vehicle
  74. Aviation Noise Research Network and Coordination
  75. Avionics Systems Hosted on a distributed modular electronics large scale demonstrator for multiple types of aircraft
  76. Awareness in Africa: Disseminating Knowledge on EGNOS and Galileo in Africa to Foster Local and Regional Development
  77. Baltic - to - Balkan network for logistics competence
  78. Battery powered Boats, providing Greening, Resistance reduction, Electric, Efficient and Novelty
  79. Behavioral Modeling for Security in Airports
  80. Benchmarking Logistics and Co-Modality
  81. BEst in class veHICLE: Safe urban mobility in a sustainable transport value-chain (BEHICLE)
  82. Best Practice Factory for Freight Transport
  83. Bio-ethanol Engine for Advanced Urban Transport by Light Commercial Vehicle & Heavy Duty (BEAUTY)
  84. Blastworthy Textile-Based Luggage Containers for Aviation Safety
  85. Boltless assembling Of Primary Aerospace Composite Structures
  86. Brain controlled aircraft flight using multiple feedback mechanisms
  87. Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies
  88. Bridging East West for Aerospace REsearch
  89. BUffet and Transition delay control investigated with European-Russian cooperation for improved FLIght performance
  90. Building blocks concepts for efficient and safe multiuse urban electrical vehicles
  91. Canadian Networking Aeronautics Project for Europe
  92. Carbon Aware Travel Choices in the Climate-friendly World of Tomorrow
  93. Carbon footprint of freight transport
  94. Cargo handling by Automated Next generation Transportation Systems for ports and terminals
  95. Casting of Large Ti Structures
  96. Central European Aeronautical Research Initiative
  97. Central European Aeronautical Research Network Events
  98. Child Advanced Safety Project for European Roads
  99. Cities demonstrating cybernetic mobility
  100. City multi-Role Optimised Vehicle
  101. City Network for Fair Mobility
  102. City-Hub
  103. CIVITAS CAPITAL – making the best of CIVITAS!
  105. CIVITAS Making Innovation for Mobility Sustainable Actions
  106. Clean European rail - diesel
  107. Clean Sky Support Action
  108. CLOSE-SEARCH: Accurate and safe EGNOS-SoL navigation for UAV-based low-cost SAR operations
  109. Co-modal Airport
  110. Co-modality - Towards Optimised Integrated Chains in Freight Transport Logistics
  111. CO2 REduction for long distance transport
  112. Coastal Surveying of Depths with EGNOS to Enhance Charts
  113. Cold Spray Radical Solutions for Aeronautic Improved Repairs (CORSAIR)
  114. Collaboration Concepts for Comodality
  115. Collaborative & Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation
  116. Collaborative Information Services for Container Management
  117. Combined Morphing Assessment Software using Flight Envelope Data and Mission Based Morphing Prototype Wing Development
  118. Community Oriented Solutions to Minimise Aircraft Noise Annoyance
  119. Complete Vehicle Energy-saving Technologies for Heavy-Trucks
  120. Composite fuselage section Wafer Design Approach for Safety Increasing in Worst Case Situations and Joints Minimizing
  121. Composite Patch Repair for Marine and Civil Engineering Infrastructure Applications
  122. Composite structural power storage for hybrid vehicles
  123. Composites Repairs and Monitoring and Validation - Dissemination of Innovations and Latest Achievements to Key Players of the Aeronautical Industry
  124. Concept for Ionospheric-Scintillation Mitigation for Professional GNSS in Latin America
  125. Concerted Innovative Approaches, Strategies, Solutions and Services Improving Mobility and European T
  126. Conditions of success for R&T Open options through a Platform of communications and for Expressing Recommendation Actions to Team-up Europe and U.S.
  127. Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency
  128. Connecting LOng and Short-distance networks for Efficient tRansport
  129. Continuous Health Monitoring and Non-destructive Assessment of Composites and Composite Repairs on Surface Transport Applications
  130. cOoperation with Russia in the field of advanced engIne NOise COntrol based on plasma actuators
  131. COoperative Satellite navigation for MEteo-marine MOdelling and Services
  132. Cooperative Vehicle Localization for Safe and Sustainable Mobility
  133. Coordinating Air transport Time Efficiency Research
  134. Coordinating research and innovation of jet and other sustainable aviation fuel
  135. Coordination Action on PPP Implementation for Road-Transport Electrification
  136. Coordination Action to maintain and further develop a Sustainable MAritime Research in Europe
  137. Coordination of Network Descriptors for Urban Intelligent Transportation Systems
  138. Coordination of Vehicle and Road Safety Initiatives
  139. Coordination, dissemination and evaluation of CIVITAS Plus II
  140. Cost Effective Corrosion and Fatigue Monitoring for Transport Products
  141. Cost Effective Reinforcement of Fastener Areas in Composites
  142. Cost efficient advanced leading edge structure 2
  143. Cost-effective DURABle ROADS by green optimised construction and maintenance
  144. Creating Innovative Air Transport Technologies for Europe
  145. CreAting NonconventionAl Laminates
  146. Crew-centered Design and Operations of ships and ship systems
  147. Cryogenic Hypersonic Advanced Tank Technologies
  148. CSA Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans
  149. Cycloidal Rotor Optimized for Propulsion
  150. Demonstration of ANemometry InstrumEnt Based on LAser
  151. DEmonstration of LIdar based Clear Air Turbulence detection
  152. Demonstration of LIDAR-based Wake Vortex Detection System Incorporating an Atmospheric Hazard Map
  153. Design for Ship Safety in Extreme Seas
  154. Design of Advanced Antenna and Multi-Sensor Hybrid Receiver for Machine Control in Harsh Environment
  155. Design of Electric LIght Vans for Environment-impact Reduction
  156. Design, simulation and flight reynolds number testing for advanced high-lift solutions
  157. Detection, Evaluation and Characterisation of Threats to Road applications
  158. Developing a European Transport Research Alliance
  159. Developing aircraft photonic networks
  160. Developing Smart Technologies for Productivity Improvement of European Small and Medium Sized Shipyards
  161. DEveloping the MObility CRedits Integrated platform enabling travellers to improve urban TranspOrt Sustainability
  162. Development and Optimization of THz NDT on Aeronautics Composite Multi-layered Structure
  163. Development and proof of new approaches for through-life asset management based on next generation of materials and production technology
  164. Development and validation of hybrid propulsion system components and sub-systems for electrical aircraft
  165. Development of a finite element model of the human thorax and upper extremities
  166. Development of a Next generation European Inland Waterway Ship and logistics system
  167. Development of a novel ECO-LABELing EU-harmonised methodology for cost-effective, safer and greener road products and infrastructures
  168. Development of a Novel Integrated Inspection System for the Accurate Evaluation of the Structural Integrity of Rail Tracks
  169. Development of a Qualification Procedure for the Usage of Galileo Satellite Receivers for Safety Relevant Applications
  170. Development of a Smart Framework based on Knowledge to Support Infrastructure Maintenance Decisions in Railway Corridors
  171. Development of a wind-wave power open-sea platform equipped for hydrogen generation with support for multiple users of energy
  172. Development of Aero Engine Component Manufacture using Laser Additive Manufacturing
  173. Development of an innovative low rolling resistance truck tyre concept in combination with a full scale simulation tool box for tyre performance in function of material and road parameters
  174. Development of new light high-performance environmentally benign composites made of bio-materials and bio-resins for electric car application
  175. Development of Novel Inspection Systems for Railway Wheelsets
  176. Development of Technology Building Blocks for Structural Health Monitoring Sensing Devices in Aeronautics
  177. Development of the Future Rail Freight System to Reduce the Occurrences and Impact of Derailment
  178. Digital Humans for Ergonomic Design of Products
  179. Dismantling of Vessels with Enhanced Safety and Technology
  180. diStributed Open-rotor AiRcraft
  181. Distributed Propulsion and Ultra-high By-pass Rotor Study at Aircraft Level
  182. Dynamics in Aircraft Engineering Design and Analysis for Light Optimized Structures
  183. e-Maritime Strategic Framework and Simulation based Validation
  184. Eco innovative refitting technologies and processes for shipbuilding industry promoted by European Repair Shipyards.
  185. Eddy CUrrent Brake Compatibility
  186. Effects of Climate Change On the inland waterway and other transport NETworks
  187. Efficient Cooling Systems for QUieter Surface Transport
  188. Efficient ice protection Systems and simulation Techniques Of ice Release on propulsive systeMs
  189. Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft
  190. EGNOS Adoption in the Aviation Sector
  191. EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe
  194. EM safety and Hazards Mitigation by proper EV design
  195. Empowering European Aeronautical SMEs to Participate in EU Research
  196. Enabling Protection for Older Children
  197. Enabling Technologies for Personal Air Transport Systems
  198. Energy Efficient Safe SHip OPERAtion
  199. Energy Efficient Vehicles for Road Transport
  200. Engine Breakthrough Components and Subsystems
  201. Engine LUBrication SYStem technologies
  202. Engine Module Validators
  203. Engine representative internal cooling knowledge and applications
  204. Engine Waste Heat Recovery and Re-Use
  205. Enhanced (EGNOS/EDAS) Accuracy SYstem with GNSS Outage Bridging Unit
  206. Enhanced Code Galileo Receiver for land management in Brazil
  207. Enhanced driver safety due to improved skid resistance
  208. Enhanced Lightweight Design
  209. Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system
  210. Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity
  211. Enhancing Intermodality of Content, Personalised Information and Functionality of WISETRIP Network of Journey Planning Engines
  212. Enhancing Public Awareness on the Results of European Research Actions on Climate Friendly Transport Systems through the Professional use of Television Media
  213. Enhancing Safety and Security Aspects in Transport Research in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
  214. Enhancing the Capacity of EU Transport Projects to Transform Research Results into Innovative Products and Services
  215. Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transportation System innovations to the market
  216. Environmentally COherent measures and environmental interventions to debottleneck HUBS of the multimodal network favoured by seamless flow of goods
  217. Environmentally Friendly Antifouling Technology to Optimise the Energy Efficiency of Ships
  219. ERA-NET MARitime TEChnologies II
  220. ERA-NET Plus on Electromobility
  221. ERA-NET Plus on Infrastructure Innovation
  224. ERRAC Road Map
  225. Estabishing a CompreHEnsive transport Research information Management and Exchange System
  226. ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System
  227. EURAXLES: Minimizing the risk of fatigue failure of railway axles
  228. European assessment of global publicly funded automotive research - Targets and approaches
  229. European Assessment of Global Publicly Funded Automotive Research Targets and Approaches
  230. European Bus System of the Future
  231. European Collaborative Dissemination of Aeronautical Research and applications
  232. European Coordination Action for Aircraft Wake Turbulence
  233. European e-freight capabilities for co-modal transport
  234. European Intermodal Research Advisory Council (EIRAC) 2008-2010
  235. European Li-Ion Battery Advanced Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles
  236. eUropean naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure & Vehicle safety and Environment
  237. European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovations in Freight Logistics
  238. EUropean PORTWorkers TRAIning Scheme
  239. European Railway Electromagnetic Compatibility
  240. European Transport Network Alliance
  241. European Transport Policy Information System Developement and Implementation of Data Collection Methodology for EU Transport Modelling
  242. European Transport Research Area International cooperation activities
  243. EuropeanTransport NCP Alliance
  244. eVADER: Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response
  245. Ex-post evaluation of Transport Research and Innovation in the FP7 ‘Cooperation’ Programme
  246. EXaCt geometry sImulaTIoN for optimized desiGn of vehicles and vessels
  247. EXploiting safety results aCROSS transportation modes
  248. Extended Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Bonds
  249. extended-HIgh performance MAss market GNSS receiver muLti stAndard readY for mArket
  250. EXTreme ICing Environement
  251. Extreme Weather impacts on European Networks of Transport
  252. FeAsiBility analysis and development of on-Road chargIng solutions for future electric vehiCles
  253. Fire risks assessment and increase of passenger survivability
  254. FLuid Optimisation Workflows for Highly Effective Automotive Development Processes
  255. Flutter-free Turbomachinery Blades
  256. FLY HIGHER - Shaping the New Evolving Generation of Aeronautic Professionals
  257. FORUM on Aviation and Emissions
  258. Forum to help implement four key goals of the 2011 Transport White Paper
  259. Freight Transport FORESIGHT 2050
  260. Freight Urban RoBOTic vehicle
  261. Frontal Impact and Compatibility Assessment Research
  262. Fuel Injector Research for Sustainable Transport
  263. Full Aero-thermal Combustor-Turbine interactiOn Research
  264. Full-field Advanced Non Destructive Technique for On-line Thermo-mechanical Measurements on Aeronautical Structures
  265. Future Aircraft design following the carrier-pod concept as an eNabler for co-modal seamless Transport, pAssenger Safety and environmental SustainabilitY
  266. Future Fast Aeroelastic Simulation Technologies
  267. Future high-altitude high-speed transport 20XX
  268. Future of Surface Road Transport European Resarch
  269. Future Of Surface Transport Research Rail
  270. FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe
  271. Future RepAIR and Maintenance for Aerospace industry
  272. Future Seaplane Traffic - Transport Technologies for the Future
  273. G-TRAIN: Supporting Education and Training in GNSS
  274. GAIN - Galileo for Interactive Driving
  275. GAL: Galileo for Gravity
  276. Galileo / EGNOS Enhanced Driver Assistance
  277. Galileo Advanced Innovation Services
  278. Galileo based navigation in public transport systems with passenger interaction
  279. GALILEO Centre of Excellence for Latin America
  280. Galileo Localization for Railway Operation Innovation
  281. Galileo Ready Advanced Mass MArket Receiver
  282. Galileo Receiver for Mass Market Applications in the Automotive Area
  283. GALILEO SAR Early Service Demonstration
  284. Galileo Signal Priority
  285. Galileo Speed Warning (GSW)
  286. GALileo-bAsed seamless and robust Positioning Applications for loGistics Optimation proceSses
  287. GAlileo-Glonass Advanced Receiver INtegration
  288. Generating simulations to Enable Testing of Alternative routes to improve WAYinding in evacuation of overground and underground terminals
  289. Generation of Hydrogen by Kerosene Reforming via Efficient and Low Emission new Alternative, Innovative, Refined Technologies for Aircraft Application
  290. Generic linking of finite element based models
  291. Global in flight health monitoring platform for composite aerostructures based on advanced VIBRATION based methods
  292. GNSS for INnovative road Applications
  293. GNSS-based metering for vehicle applications and value added road services
  294. GNSS-based Planning system for Agricultural Logistics
  295. GNSS-enabled Services Convergence
  296. GOAL Based Damage Stability
  297. GOAL: Growing Older, stAying mobiLe: The transport needs of an ageing society
  298. GPS-EGNOS based Precision Agriculture using unmanned aerial vehicles
  299. GRAIL-2: GNSS-based ATP System for Railway Low Density Lines
  300. Green and Effective Operations at Terminals and in Ports
  301. Green eMotion
  302. Green Retrofitting of Existing Ships
  303. Green Retrofitting through Improved Propulsion
  304. GReener Aeronautics International Networking
  305. GReener Aeronautics International Networking-2
  306. Greening of surface transport through an innovative and competitive CARGO-VESSEL Concept connecting marine and fluvial intermodal ports.
  307. Grey Area Mitigation for Hybrid RANS-LES Methods
  308. Guidelines for Cooperation of Latin American Countries in European Aeronautics and Air Transport Research
  309. Handheld device with innovative compact antenna for professional GNSS applications
  310. Helicopter Deploy GNSS in Europe – NEXT
  311. Helicopters Deploy GNSS in Europe
  312. High Altitude Ice Crystals
  313. High Efficiency Hybrid Drive Trains for Small and Medium Sized Marine Craft
  314. High Efficient and Reliable arrangeMEnts for CroSsmodal Transport
  315. High energy density Li-ion cells for traction
  316. High Energy Lithium-ion Storage Solutions
  317. High Integrity Low Distortion Assembly
  318. HIgh performance MAss market GNSS receiver muLti stAndard readY for mArket
  319. High quality curved aerospace composites using pultrusion manufacturing
  320. High speed Key technologies for future Air transport - Research and Innovation cooperation scheme
  321. High Stability Vertical Separation Altimeter Instruments
  322. High-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles
  323. High-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles - International
  324. Higher Efficiency, Reduced Emissions, Increased Reliability and Lifetime, Engines for Ships
  325. Higher-efficiency Engine with Ultra-Low Emissions for Ships
  326. HIRF Synthetic Environment
  327. Holistic and Sustainable Abatement of Noise by Optimised Combinations of Natural and Artificial Means
  328. Human Factors in Risk-Based Ship Design Methodology
  329. Hybrid Commercial Vehicle
  330. Hybrid Silicide-Based Lightweight Components for Turbine and Energy Applications
  331. Hypersonic Morphing for a Cabin Escape System
  332. i-TOUR: intelligent Transport system for Optimized URban trips
  333. i-Travel - Service Platform for the Connected Traveller
  334. ImaGeo: Accurate geo-temporal coding in Photos
  335. Immersive Semantics-based Virtual Environments for the Design and Validation of Human-centred Aircraft Cockpits
  336. Impact of Transport Infrastructure on International Competitiveness of Europe
  337. IMplementation of VIrtual TEsting in safety Regulations
  338. imProved reliabIlity inspeCtion of Aeronautic structure through Simulation Supported POD
  339. Improving the Aircraft Safety by Self Healing Structure and Protecting Nanofillers
  340. ImprovinG the efficiency Of saLt-spreaDing (de-icing) sErvices and emergeNcy call management on wInter professional vehiCles using Egnos
  341. Improving the Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users through ITS applications
  342. Increasing Capacity 4 Rail networks through enhanced infrastructure and optimised operations
  343. Industrialisation of High-Order Methods A Top-Down Approach
  344. Industrialisation of Manufacturing Technologies for Composite Profiles for Aerospace Applications
  345. Infrastructure Guidelines for Environmental Railway Performance
  346. Infrastructure-based EGNOS/Galileo receiver for personal mobility
  347. Inherently SECURE blast resistant and fire safe METRO vehicles
  348. Innovation for a Sustainable Aviation in a Global Environment
  349. Innovation Management Platform for Aeronautics
  350. Innovation Processes in Surface Transport (INNOSUTRA)
  351. Innovative After-Treatment System for Marine Diesel Engine Emission Control
  352. Innovative Benchmark Technology for Aircraft Engineering Design And Efficient Design Phase Optimisation
  353. Innovative concepts for smart road restraint systems to provide greater safety for vulnerable road users
  354. Innovative Counter Rotating Fan System for High Bypass Ratio Aircraft Engine
  355. InnoVative Flexible Electric Transport
  356. Innovative Forecast and Broadcast Applications with Galileo
  357. Innovative Guidelines and Tools for Vulnerable Road Users' Safety in India and Brazil
  358. Innovative Icebreaking Concepts for Winter Navigation
  359. Innovative LBS for social/public dimension
  360. Innovative Manufacturing of complex Ti sheet aeronautical components
  361. Innovative Multi-purpose Off-shore Platforms: Planning, Design and Operation
  362. Innovative Repair of Aerospace Structures with Curing Optimisation and Life Cycle Monitoring Abilities
  363. Innovative risk-based tools for ship safety inspection
  364. Innovative technological platform for Compact and Reliable Electronic integrated in Actuators and Motors
  365. INnovative TEchnologies and Researches for a new Airport Concept towards Turnaround coordinatION
  366. Innovative Transport SME Support Action
  367. InnovativeSystems for Personalised Aircraft Cabin Environment
  368. INOvative Energy MANagement System for Cargo SHIP
  369. Inspection Capabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety
  370. Integrated Airport Apron Safety Fleet Management
  371. Integrated Design of Optimal Ventilation Systems for Low Cabin and Ramp Noise
  372. INtegrated European Signalling System
  373. Integrated Flooding Control and Standard for Stability and Crises Management
  374. Integrated Gas Powertrain - Low Emission, CO2 Optimised and Efficient CNG Engines for Passenger Cars (PC) and light duty vehicles (LDV)
  375. Integrated Ground and on-Board system for Support of the Aircraft Safe Take-off and Landing
  376. Integrated Human Modelling and Simulation to Support Human Error Risk Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems
  377. Integrated Interferometry and GNSS for Precision Survey
  378. Integrated solutions for noise and vibration control in vehicles
  379. Integrated System for Safe Transportation of Children to School
  380. Intelligent Design Methodologies for Low Pollutant Combustors for Aero-Engines
  381. Intelligent Megaswapboxes for Advanced Intermodal Freight Transport
  382. INtelligent Renewable Optical ADvisory System (INROADS)
  383. Intelligent Transport System for Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport
  384. Interconnection between Short and Long-Distance Transport Networks
  385. Intermodal Global Door-to-door Container Supply Chain Visibility
  386. International Air Transport and Operations Symposium 2012
  387. International Conference on Airports, October 2009 Paris
  388. International Coordination for Implementation of Innovative and Efficient Urban Mobility Solutions
  389. International Demonstrations of Platform for Transport Planning and Travel Information
  390. International Forum for Aviation Research Support Action
  391. Interoperable Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance Strategies for Axle Bearings
  392. Intuitive Operation and Pilot Training when using Marine Azimuthing Control Devices
  393. Investigation of novel vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft concept, designed for operations in urban areas
  394. IT for Error Remediation and Trapping Emergencies
  395. Japanese-European De-Icing Aircraft Collaborative Exploration
  396. JEt noise of high bypass RatiO eNgine: Installation, advanced Modelling and mitigatiOn
  397. Job Opportunities for the Railway Community of Tomorrow
  398. Joint Operation for Ultra Low Emission Shipping
  399. Knowledge for ignition, acoustics and instabilities
  400. Large-Eddy and System Simulation to Predict Cyclic Combustion Variability in Gasoline Engines
  401. LCE4ROADS - Life Cycle Engineering approach to develop a novel EU-harmonized sustainability certification system for cost-effective, safer and greener road infrastructures
  402. Lean Secure and Reliable Logistic Connectivity for SMEs
  403. Libralato Engine Prototype
  404. Live ICT services Verified by EGNOS to find Lost Individuals in Emergency
  406. Living in a sustainable world focused on electrified rail
  407. Logistic Efficiencies And Naval architecture for Wind Installations with Novel Developments
  408. LOGistics & MANufacturing trends and sustainable transport
  409. LOGistics INNovation uptake
  410. Long-term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies II
  411. Low Cost and low Energy GNSS-based WIreless Tag for asset Tracking and monitoring
  412. Low cost GNSS attitude and navigation system with inertial MEMS aiding
  413. LOw COst Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures
  414. Low Emission AntiFouling coatings based on the novel discovered post settlement penetration triggered antifouling
  415. Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies
  416. Low-cost flexible integrated composite process
  417. MagnetoCaloric Refrigeration for Efficient Electric Air Conditioning
  418. Maintenance on Demand
  419. MAINtenance, renewaL and Improvement of rail transport iNfrastructure to reduce Economic and environmental impacts
  420. Make Rail The Hope for protecting Nature
  421. Management of weather events in transport system
  422. MAnaging System Change in Aviation
  423. Manipulation of Reynolds Stress for Separation Control and Drag Reduction
  424. Manual Operation for 4th Generation Airliners
  425. Mapping European Regional Transport Research and Innovation Capacities
  426. Marine INspection rObotic Assistant System
  427. Maritime assisted volumetric navigation system
  428. Maritime Policy Support
  429. Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks
  430. Materials and drives for High & Wide efficiency electric powertrains
  431. Materials Onboard: Steel Advancements and Integrated Composites
  432. MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger EXperience
  433. MESA - Maritime Europe Strategy Action - FOSTER Waterborne
  434. MetaPos: a meta-service integrating diverse position determining technologies for LBS
  435. Methodology for Describing the Accessibility of Transport in Europe
  436. Methodology for Evaluation of Project Impacts in the Field of Transport
  437. Methodology for Framework Programmes Impact Assessment in Transport
  438. Metropolis, Urban Airspace Design
  439. Mid-frequency Vibro-acoustic Modelling Tools / Innovative CAE Methodologies to Strengthen European Competitiveness
  441. Mobility Schemes Ensuring Accessibility of Public Transport for all Users
  442. Model-based Analysis of Human Errors During Aircraft Cockpit System Design
  443. Model-based Cooperative and Adaptive Ship-based Context Aware Design
  444. Modelling And Testing for Improved Safety of key composite StructurEs in alternatively powered vehicles
  445. Models and generic interfaces for easy and safe Battery insertion and removal in electric vehicles
  446. MODERN - Mobility, Development and Energy Use Reduction
  447. Modernisation of Vessels for Inland waterway freight Transport
  448. Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-modal Networks
  449. Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-modal Networks
  450. Modular Multi-use Deep Water Offshore Platform Harnessing and Servicing Mediterranean, Subtropical and Tropical Marine and Maritime Resources
  451. Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis
  452. Monitoring System on the Development of Global Air Transport
  453. More Affordable Aircraft Structure through Extended, Integrated, and Mature Numerical Sizing
  454. More Integrated Systems Safety Assessment
  455. Morphing Enabling Technologies for Propulsion System Nacelles
  456. Multi-fuel Range Extender with High Efficiency and ultra low Emissions
  457. Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport
  458. Multienvironment air cushion oil spill fast response & post emergency remediation system
  459. Multifunctional Layers for Safer Aircraft Composites Structures
  460. Multimodal, Efficient Transportation in Airports and Collaborative Decision Making
  461. Nanoelectronics for electric vehicle intelligent failsafe powertrain
  462. Navigational System for Efficient Maritime Transport
  463. Network of European Asian Rail Research capacities
  464. New and Innovative Concepts for helping European Ttransport Sustainability - Towards Implementation
  465. New Design Principles Fostering Safety, Agility and Resilience for ATM
  466. New European Aviation Research Strategy
  467. New forms of sustainable urban transport and mobility
  468. New permanent magnets for electric-vehicle drive applications
  469. New powertrain concept based on the integration of energy recovery, storage and re-use system with engine system and control strategies
  470. New tOols for Design and OpEration of Urban Transport InterchangeS
  471. Next Generation Train Control
  472. Noise Impact of aircraft with Novel engine configurations in mid- to High Altitude operations
  473. Non-intrusive Optical Pressure and Loads Extraction for Aerodynamic Analysis
  474. Novel Aeronautical Multifunctional Composite Structures With Bulk Electrical Conductivity And Self-Sensing Capabilities
  475. Novel Air Vehicles Configurations: From Fluttering Wings to Morphing Flight
  476. Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety
  477. Observatory Platform Technological and Institutional
  478. ON Wing Ice DetectioN and MonitorinG System
  479. One Display for a Cockpit Interactive Solution
  480. OpenCarData
  481. OPerating Energy RAck for Full Electric Vehicle
  482. Optimal Networks for Train Integration Management across Europe
  483. Optimal policies for transport in combination
  484. Optimal Regulation and Infrastructure for Ground, Air and Maritime Interfaces
  485. Optimal Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption In urban rail Systems
  486. OPtimisation for low Environmental Noise impact AIRcraft
  487. Optimise Citizen Mobility and Freight Management in Urban Environments
  488. Optimised CO-Modal PASSenger Transport for Reducing Carbon Emissions
  489. Optimised Modular Range Extender for every day Customer Usage
  490. Optimised storage integration for the electric car
  491. Optimised Transport System for Mobile Location Based Services
  492. Optimising Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility
  493. Optimized Structural components and add-ons to improve passive safety in new Electric Light Trucks and Vans (ELTVs)
  494. Packaging of futuRe Integrated ModulAr Electronics
  495. PEL-SKIN: A novel kind of surface coatings in aeronautics
  496. Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System
  497. PERsonal NAvigation System for VIsually disabled People
  498. Personal Plane: Assessment and Validation of Pioneering Concepts for Personal Air Transport Systems
  499. Platform for the Implementation of NAIADES
  500. Platform for the implementation of NAIADES
  501. POlicy measures for innovation in TRANSport sector with special focus on Small- and Medium sized Enterprises - factors and recommendations for success and sustainability -
  502. Ports Observatory for Performance Indicator Analysis
  503. Position and Personalise Advanced Human Body Models for Injury Prediction
  504. Power Optimised Ship for Environment with Electric Innovative Designs on Board
  505. POWERtrain for FUture Light-duty vehicles
  506. Precise and secUre autoMotive trAcking
  507. Predictive Maintenance employing Non-intrusive Inspection & Data Analysis
  508. Premium Low weight Urban Sustainable e-MOBilitY
  509. Priorities for Road Safety Research in Europe
  510. PROactive Safety PERformance for Operations
  511. Probabilistic Framework for Onboard Fire-safety
  512. Production and Analysis Evolution For Lattice Related Barrel Elements Under Operations With Advanced Robustness
  513. Professional Receiver via Software Radio
  514. Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research
  515. Promoting European - South African research cooperation in aeronautics and air transport
  516. Promoting Marine Research Careers
  517. Promoting Public Transport in Africa
  518. Promoting Real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of Road Behaviour in Europe
  519. Promotional Platform for Short Sea Shipping and Intermodality
  520. Prospecting and Promoting Scientifi c Co-operation between Europe and China in the Field of Multi-Physics Modelling, Simulation, Experimentation and Design Methods in Aeronautics
  521. Public Transportation - Accessibility for All
  522. PulsarPlane: Worldwide Air Transport Operations
  523. Quiet Tracks for Sustainable Railway Infrastructures
  524. Quietening the environment for a sustainable surface transport
  525. Railway Induced Vibration Abatement Solutions
  526. Raising awareness of job opportunities in vehicle electrification
  527. Raising Citizens Awareness and Appreciation of EU Research on Sustainable Transport in the Urban Environment
  528. Raising European Student Awareness in Aeronautical Research through School-labs
  529. Re-Road End of Life Strategies of Asphalt Pavements
  530. RECEPTivity and amplitude-based transition prediction
  531. REconfiguration of CONtrol in Flight for Integral Global Upset REcovery
  532. Recycling thermoset composites of the SST
  533. Reduced Emissions of TRansport aircraft Operations by Fleetwise Implementation of new Technology
  534. Reduced Energy Consumption by Massive Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery in Light Duty Trucks
  535. Reducing Emissions from Aviation by Changing Trajectories for the Benefit of Climate
  536. Reducing Greenhouse-gas Emissions of Transport Beyond 2020: Linking R&D, Transport Policies and Reduction Targets
  537. Reduction of Suicides and Trespasses on RAILway property
  539. Research and Development of the European Transport Network Model Transtools Version 3
  540. Research into Effects on Cognitive Performance of Maritime Watch-Keepers under Different Watch Patterns, Workloads & Conditions, with Reality Usage of Ships Bridge, Engine & Cargo Control Simulators
  541. REsearch on a CRuiser Enabled Air Transport Environment
  542. Research on Core Noise Reduction
  543. Responsible innovation Agenda for Competitive European transport industries up to 2050
  544. RETROFITting ships with new technologies for improved overall environmental footprint
  545. Risk-based Expert System for Through Life Ship Structural Inspection and Maintenance and New-build Ship Structural Design
  546. Road safety Data Collection, Transfer and Analysis
  547. ROlling resistance, Skid resistance, ANd Noise Emission measurement standards for road surfaces
  548. Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Services
  549. Safe road trains for the environment; Developing strategies and technologies to allow vehicle platoons to operate on normal public highways with significant environmental, safety and comfort benefits
  550. Safety (and maintenance) improVEment Through automated fLight data ANAlysis
  551. Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment
  552. Safety of winter navigation in dynamic ice
  553. Satellite application for emergency handling, traffic alerts, road safety and incident prevention
  554. Satellite based operation and management of local low traffic lines (SATLOC)
  555. SBAS Implementation in the regions ACAC and ASECNA
  556. Scalable & Reconfigurable Electronics Platforms and Tools
  557. Scientific Service Support based on GALILEO E5 Receivers
  558. Seamless aeronautical networking through integration of data links, radios, and antennas
  559. SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport
  560. Self powered vehicle roof for on-board comfort and energy saving
  562. Sensors Towards Advanced Monitoring and Control of Gas Turbine Engines
  563. Services for SMEs in collAborative tRansporT research projects
  564. Setting-up of effective Technological Clinics to address real knowledge needs of Surface Transport industry
  565. Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban TransporTatION
  566. Ship Evacuation Data and Scenarios
  567. Ships oriented Innovative soLutions to rEduce Noise & Vibrations
  568. Show Me How Slow: Mobilising Evidence from Transport Research into Speed
  569. Simple GNSS Assisted and Trusted Receiver
  570. Simulation based solutions for industrial manufacture of large infusion composite parts
  571. Small Air Transport - Roadmap
  572. Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture
  573. small Electric Passenger vehicle with maximized Safety and Integrating a Lightweight Oriented Novel body architecture
  574. Smart Aircraft in Emergency Situations
  575. Smart and Safe Integration of Batteries in Electric Vehicles
  576. Smart High Lift Devices for Next Generation Wings
  577. Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures
  578. Smart Maintenance and Analysis of Transport Infrastructure
  579. Smart Transport Applications Designed for Large Events with Impacts on Urban Mobility
  580. Smart Urban Freight Solutions
  581. Solar chemical reactor demonstration and Optimisation for Long-term Availability of Renewable JET fuel
  582. Solutions and Processes to Enhance the Competitiveness of Transport by Rail in Unexploited Markets
  583. STable high-capacity lithium-Air Batteries with Long cycle life for Electric cars
  584. Stimulate Sustainable Freight Transport Systems with Latin American Countries
  585. Stimulating Ukraine EU aeronautics research cooperation
  586. Strategic high-level transport model
  587. Strategic Research For Innovative Marine Propulsion Concepts
  588. STRAtegies and measures for smarter urban freIGHT SOLutions
  589. Strengthening Road Transport Research Cooperation between Europe and Emerging International Markets II
  590. Study of the Impacts of Transport RTD Projects in FP5 and FP6
  591. Super Light Architectures for Safe and Affordable Urban Electric Vehicles
  592. Support Action for Evaluation and Monitoring of CIVITAS Plus
  593. Support action for implementation of ERTRAC's road transport research priorities
  594. Support Action to Initiate Cooperation between the Communities of European MARine and MARitime REsearch and Science
  595. Support for European Aeronautical SMEs
  596. Support for realising new Member and Associate State
  597. Support to Eighth European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Graz, March 2009
  598. Support to Ninth European Conference on Turbomachinery
  599. Support to Tenth European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics
  600. Supporting EU's Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan on Green Corridors Issues
  601. Supporting research on climate-friendly transport
  602. Supporting the Transport Research Arena 2012 conference
  603. Suppression Of underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation
  604. Surface Heat Exchangers for Aero-Engines
  605. Surfacing System for Ship Recovery
  606. Sustainability and Efficiency of City Logistics
  607. Sustainable Knowledge Platform for the European Maritime and Logistics Industry
  608. SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation
  609. Sustainable Plan for Integrated Development through the European Rail Network Projecting Logistics & Mobility for Urban Spatial Design Evolution
  610. Switched/Synchronous Reluctance Magnet-free Motors for Electric Vehicles
  611. Synchronous Reluctance Next Generation Efficient Motors for Electric Vehicles
  612. System and Actions for VEhicles and transportation hubs to support Disaster Mitigation and Evacuation
  613. Tailoring of Tribological Interfaces for Clean and Energy-Efficient Diesel and Gasoline Power Trains
  614. Targeted Advanced Research for Global Efficiency of Transportation Shipping
  615. Technologies and Scenarios For Low Emissions Shipping
  616. Technologies Enhancement for Clean Combustion in Aero-Engines
  617. Technology Development of Remote Phosphor for Avionic Cockpit Displays
  618. Technology Opportunities and Strategies towards Climate-friendly Transport
  619. Test of Rolling Stock Electromagnetic Compatibility for cross-Domain interoperability
  620. The 2050+ Airport
  621. The Development of a New Ship Engine Generation
  622. The Endless Runway
  623. The European Academic and Industry Network for Innovative Maritime Training, Education and R&D
  624. The European Academic and Industry Network for Innovative Maritime Training, Education and R&D
  625. The innovative use of virtual and mixed reality to increase human comfort by changing the perception of self and space
  626. The Intelligent, Innovative, Integrated Bus Systems
  627. The next generation products and procedures for vessels and floating structures
  628. The SAfer FUEL system
  629. The sustainable freight railway: Designing the freight vehicle track system for higher delivered tonnage with improved availability at reduced cost
  630. Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft
  631. Thermal systems Integration For Fuel Economy
  632. Thoracic Injury Assessment for Improved Vehicle Safety
  633. Tomorrow's Road Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  634. Tool Suite for Environmental and Economic Aviation Modelling for Policy Analysis
  635. Toolkit for sustainable decision making in ITS deployment
  636. Tools for Ultra Large Container Ships
  637. Towards a REgulatory FRamework for the usE of Structural new materials in railway passenger and freight CarbOdyshells.
  638. Trans-Rail Integrated Goods European-Express Routes Demonstrators
  639. Transition Location Effect on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction
  640. Transmissions in Aircraft on Unique Path Wires
  641. Transport EU-Western Balkan Network for Training, Support and Promotion of Cooperation in FP7 research activities
  642. Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe
  643. Transport needs for an ageing society
  644. Transport Research and Innovation Portal
  645. Transport Research Arena 2008
  646. Transport Research Market Uptake (Market-up)
  647. TRIple Energy Saving by Use of CRP, CLT and PODded Propulsion
  648. Trusted GNSS Receiver
  650. Turboshaft Engine Exhaust Noise Identification
  651. Turnaround integration in trajectory and network
  652. Tyre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid Resistance and Further Effects
  653. Ultra Slow Ships
  654. UltraFast wind sensOrs for wake-vortex hazards mitigation
  655. Uncertainty Management for Robust Industrial Design in Aeronautics
  656. Unconventional (advanced) manufacturing processes for gas-engine turbine components
  657. Understanding Social Behaviour for Eco-friendly Multimodal Mobility
  658. Unmanned Aerial Systems in European Airspace
  659. Useful PLASMa for AEROdynamic control
  660. User Driven Stimulation of Radical New Technological Steps in Surface Transport
  661. VALidation and Improvement of Airframe Noise prediction Tools
  662. Versatile, Efficient and Longer Wagon for European Transportation
  663. Viable Waggonload production Schemes
  664. Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trains
  665. Virtual Integrated Partnering (VIP) for SME service, technology and information providers in the European maritime sector
  666. Virtual Press Office to improve EU Sustainable Surface Transport research media visibility at national and regional level
  667. Weather Extremes: Assessment of Impacts on Transport Systems and Hazards for European Regions
  668. Weather hazards for aeronautics
  669. Wide Scale Network of E-systems for Multimodal Journey Planning and Delivery of Trip Intelligent Personalised Data
  670. Wings of the future
  671. Wireless charging for Electric Vehicles
  672. Young European Arena of Research
  673. Young European arena of research - 2010
  674. Zero Emission Urban Bus Systems
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