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Aggression in Traffic (SVI2004/051)

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Background & Policy context

The causes of aggressive behaviour in road traffic are manifold and complex. Focussing road safety, following two questions are vital: Is aggressive behaviour – in these days or in the future – a risk factor in road traffic? How can this risk be reduced? The project tries to analyse aggression in road traffic as a whole with an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. The goal is to find an effective action plan to reduce the risks of aggressive behaviour. Obtaining different data sources these questions are elaborated: The news coverage indicates how the topic is perceived in public. Votes from experts as well as from persons who experience aggressions in road traffic give an insight to the topic from a practical point of view. We expect that the synthesis of our work can provide a useful value to transport planning and transport safety.


The project aims to analyse the topic of aggressions in road traffic in its whole complexity. In a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective, we try to get new insights on the phenomenon which allows us to derive appropriate measures in practice. The goal is to reduce aggressions in traffic as well as the danger that lies in aggressive behaviour on the road. The research questions are: What does aggression in road traffic mean? Who are the victims? Who are the culprits? What influence has aggressive behaviour in terms of traffic security? Is it an increasing phenomenon? Are there already some (successfully) applied steps being taken? How would an effective and at the same time holistic plan of measures look like?


Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used for the present research:

  • Text analysis: quantifying content analysis of a representative sample of daily newspapers. Analysis of the legal framework in Switzerland.
  • Meta-analysis: analysis of the existing literature.
  • Discussions: Structured interviews with experts on the basis of semi-open interview guide. Qualitatively oriented focus group discussions.


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The research provides an overview of the state of knowledge about aggressive behavior in traffic and its reduction. The survey consists from the literature survey, at the same time it also generates new information material about aggression in traffic. With the present data it is not be possible to quantify aggression in traffic. The investigation results, however, provide indicators of how the problem is perceived and where to start to counteract the aggressive behavior in traffic, or to limit it at least.


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