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Analysis of pavement performance models (VSS1999/119)

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Background & Policy context

The planning maintenance measure requires a good knowledge of the behavior of every distress parameter taken into account. So, all the time, it must be possible to extrapolate the functional and structural state parameters and to predict their evolution. PMS (Pavement Management System) tools integrate these forecasting functions but the supply of pavement performance models are required.


The research aims at inventorying actual pavement performance models that can be used in a PMS (Pavement Management System) and at making them applicable to the Swiss main road network. This involves also the detection of missing models and the proposition of a method for developing them.


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In the current state of available behavioural laws in Switzerland and internationally, it appears that there is no directly applicable behavior law without reserve-site assessment of their predictive potential. For example, the laws of behaviour developed by the canton of Neuchâtel, primarily from surveys of the network of cantonal roads, not only take into account that the age of the roadway; This limitation is too restrictive in view of comparison performed with readings from the national network of Fribourg and Neuchâtel roads. The introduction of other influencing factors such as traffic load, the type of structure, local climatic conditions are desired in existing or future behaviour patterns. The inclusion of these parameters help to refine the prediction of degradation considered.

The final report highlights, firstly, lack of role models for their applicability under realistic PMS based on the requirements proposed by the Research VSS 12/99 "Diagnosis of the condition of roads.", and secondly, the weakness of domestic and foreign models available. A methodology is proposed to develop behavioral models adapted to the Swiss road network based on many auscultation data obtained from the offices of the cantonal roads and research organisations (Strada-DB, VIAGROUP, ACSS). Reading the conclusions of the report, it appears necessary to continue the search with the proposed methodology. In light of the report submitted by the LAVOC and VIAGROUP, search term objectives are achieved.


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