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C-Roads Belgium/Wallonia

C-Roads Belgium/Wallonia

C-Roads Belgium/Wallonia


The Action is part of the C-Roads Platform and takes place in Belgium. C-Roads is a platform of Member States working on the deployment of C-ITS services in Europe. C-ITS pilot sites will be installed across the EU for testing and later operation of “Day 1” and "Day 1.5" applications as recommended by EC “C-ITS platform”. Member States will invest in their infrastructure, while the industry will test components and services. Technical and organizational issues will be tackled by the C-Roads platform to ensure interoperability and harmonization of C-ITS between pilots. The pilot in Wallonia consists of a cloud-based solution to connect road users to Traffic Management Centres and test the performance of 3G-4G/LTE networks for C-ITS services.

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Société Wallonne de Financement Complémentaire des Infrastructures

ITS Belgium

Tractebel Engineering S.A.

Société Wallonne de Financement Complémentaire des Infrastructures