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Central European Ultra Charging

Central European Ultra Charging


This Action will build on the results of previous TEN-T/CEF Actions, such as Central European Green Corridors, EVA+, Ultra-E and NCE-FastEvNet. The overall objective is to enable long-distance driving with electric vehicles in the market uptake of this technology as well as the connection of main urban nodes with TEN-T corridors.

The Action will deploy and operate a network of ultra-fast charging stations (up to 350 kW) for Electric Vehicles in Central Europe, providing linked coverage for long-distance and cross-border travels in AT, CZ, HU, northern IT and SK as well as cross-border connection to main urban nodes of southern IT, RO and BG. 118 stations will be deployed on the TEN-T Core Network with main emphasis on the corridors.

All drivers will receive access to the charging network in line with Directive 2014/94/EU, with regards to the ad-hoc charging and the possibility to access the charging infrastructure with any managed service provider (MSP) in case of contract-based charging. While ensuring fast charging interoperability of service within EU and bridging the technology adoption gap between EU Member States (also strengthening EU cohesion), the Action will leverage market-ready products and driving innovation in operational processes as well as targeted marketing actions.

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Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia
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Verbund Ag

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