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Comprehensive fast-charging corridor network in South East Europe

Comprehensive fast-charging corridor network in South East Europe


This Action is the second phase of a Global Project aiming at deploying and operating a comprehensive multi-standard, open-access fast and ultra-fast charging corridor for electric vehicles in southeast Europe. The Action will contribute to the implementation of National Action Plans for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.

The objective is to set up a multi-standard open-access fast charging network in Croatia and Romania. It covers 3 TEN-T corridors, namely the Mediterranean, Rhine-Danube and the Orient/East-Med Core Network corridors. During the Action 69 multi-standard fast charging stations (50 kW DC and 22 Kw AC) will be deployed, 53 in Romania at 25 sites and 16 in Croatia at 6 sites. Furthermore 4 ultra-fast charging stations (minimum 150 kW DC) will be deployed, 3 in Romania and 1 in Croatia. Charging stations will be powered by energy from renewable sources, such as wind or solar power.

Advanced IT solutions will ensure that the fast-charging stations can be found and operated easily throughout the whole region, with a particular focus on cross-border section. Results of the Action will be widely disseminated to engage end users.

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Croatia, Romania
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Renovatio Asset Management Srl

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