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Coordination Action to maintain and further develop a Sustainable MAritime Research in Europe

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Background & Policy context

Under CA ACMARE, the ETP WATERBORNE ('WB') has completed its initial phase and has established itself as a key adviser to and a strategic partner of the Commission for the generation of consensus views relating to maritime research policy.
After three years, the CA ACMARE has developed and published the WB Research Strategy in three key documents: (i) the Vision 2020, (ii) the WB Strategic Research Agenda and (iii) the WB Implementation Route Map.


The Coordination Action CASMARE provides support to the maritime community so that the ETP WB can move forward to its next objective, which is the implementation and delivery of the WB Research Strategy. By using the successful consultation processes established within the ETP, CASMARE will continue to raise awareness of the WB Research Strategy and broaden the consensus among stakeholders, with a special emphasis on engagement with national programmes and industry activities.


CASMARE will inform stakeholders to stimulate and mobilise the maritime research resources so that the WB Research Strategy will find wide acceptance and the outcomes will be realised.

CASMARE will assess RDI results from EU and national programmes and monitor the progress against the WIRM. The CASMARE project will expand the platform's horizons within and beyond maritime transport by linking with other transport ETPs, ERANets, and with any other relevant research grouping or initiative outside transport, such as MANUFUTURE and the Marine Science World.

WB's critical enablers include the development of human capital, education and the protection of IPR. The advancement of education and training presents significant opportunities to improve the situation of the WB community.

WB related lead markets will be analysed and recommendations will be made to the relevant deciders. The partners of the CASMARE consortium represent the key stakeholders of the WB community and have a long tradition of research cooperation and good track record of delivering.


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The European Commission
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The WATERBORNE TP mechanism has been kept running and functioning fitting the scope for which the WATERBORNE TP has been created: align and coordinating the research efforts at European level in the maritime sector. CASMARE has put in place a number of actions and tools to support this mechanism. In particular during the first 18 months of the project, the main achievements in figures have been:

  • Three association meetings in ECMAR, COREDES and EMEC to brainstorm on the WSRA updates and needed reprioritisation.
  • One workshop for the WSRA update.
  • One High-level policy event in close collaboration with the ports and dredgers associations.
  • Three brokerage event to support the community in setting up project proposals.
  • Three WB General Assemblies.
  • Two European maritime days participation.
  • Five organised presence of WB TP across Congress and meeting in Europe.
  • Fourteen Support Group of WB TP Meetings organized with the support of CASMARE.
  • Three strategic Group Meetings (Board) organised.
  • One Second European maritime research policy conference?
  • One renewed WB/CASMARE website.
  • Three WB newsLetters.
  • Ten CASMARE Steering Committee meetings.
  • Seventeen deliverables released.

Amongst the deliverable released are:

  • Reviewed WB Strategic research agenda overview (WSRA)
  • Updated WB Implementation Route Map (WIRM)
  • Report on possible WB Cooperation Year three
  • Maritime research policy conference n. 3
  • Updates of the three WB strategic documents:
    • VISIONS2025
    • WSRA
    • WIRM

The WSRA and the WIRM have been released in their final format including the foreseen brochures.

Together with the above mentioned strategic documents the basis for the reviewed WB Scope and Strategy (VISION 2025) have been established.

Policy implications

The major challenges facing the WB sector through to 2020 and beyond are both societal and economic.

Societal challenges:

  • Developing a low carbon, low emission economy
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Harvesting natural resources
  • Assuring safe and secure supply of goods and services

Economic challenges:

  • Improving competitiveness
  • Improving innovation and technology transfer
  • Increasing the level of education and skills
  • Addressing new and developing routes and markets

To address those challenges the maritime industries see their action line along three main streams:

  • Sustainable waterborne transport
  • Support for the harvesting of offshore resources
  • Minimising impact on the oceans

Strategy targets

Innovating for the future (technology and behaviour): Promoting more sustainable development


Have already been implemented.


Lead Organisation
Communaute Des Associations Europeennes Des Chantiers Navals
Rue Marie De Bourgogne 52, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€174 945
Partner Organisations
European Council For Maritime Applied R&d
Rue Belliard 159, 1040 Brussel, Belgium
EU Contribution
€123 050
Europese Binnenvaart Unie
Drukpersstraat 19, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
EU Contribution
€50 290
European Community Shipowners Associations
Rue Ducale, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€89 880
Dnv Gl As
Veritasveien, 1322 Hovik, Norway
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€102 818
European Marine Equipment Council/conseil Europeen De L'equipment Naval
Rue Belliard, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€139 100
International Council Of Marine Industry Associations
Brigade Pironlaan 132, 1080 Brussels, Belgium
EU Contribution
€50 290
Foundation Wegemt - A European Association Of Universities In Marine Technology And Related Sciences
Mekelweg - Faculteit Mt 2, 2628 CD Delft, Netherlands
EU Contribution
€119 840
Lloyd' S Register
71 Fenchurch Street, LONDON, EC3M 4BS, United Kingdom
Organisation website
EU Contribution
€20 232


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