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Decision-making in Transport Policy (SVI2004/004)

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Background & Policy context

Decision-making processes concerning transport policy in Switzerland are very much affected by federa­lism. They therefore differ greatly from one political level to the next and from one versatile constellation to the other. There is a lot of knowledge on these processes generally referring to the effectiveness of individual transport projects, programmes and measures. This research project on decision-making in trans­port policy goes one step further and examines regularities (common laws) and consequences of certain determinant constellations and shows their typical characteristics independently from the individual case. This is done with a consistent codification and analysis of existing and new case studies.

  • Identify factors influencing success, obstruction or failure of the decision-making processes in transport policy on a local, regional and national scale specificially focussing on urban agglomeration.
  • Link systematic research on decision-making processes within transport policy to identify common laws and consequences of certain determinant constellations and to show their typical characteristics independently from the individual case.
  • Formulation of a communications concept based on the classical marketing approach is implemented by political and administrative authorities.

Module 1: desk research, literature / document analysis, expert interviews concerning needs assessment, selection and coding criteria by Team workshop and accompanying group session.

Module 2: Subject to obtaining multivariate explanations influence of certain factor constellations on decision-making process and effect factors even at a relatively small number of cases; secondary analysis of existing and new primary survey case studies, expert interviews, coding, QCA, education scenarios.

Module 3: Market Analysis, segmentation and marketing mix using very concrete implementation measures (workshop, training).


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The chosen approach (see QCA) allows decision-making processes in transport policy, which are recorded and described in a universal way. Therefore the knowledge on factors of success, failure and inhibition concerning decision-making in transport policy can be presented in such a way that it is a useful basis for all stake holders in the field of transport. Thus the research results provide a basis for the establish­ment of a long term communications concept which is also based on a systematic market analysis and is trans-sectoral taking into account the target groups and phases.

Other results

The scientific results and individual cases independent recommendations (critical decision paths, Best Practice, scenarios with if-then-recommendations) are transferred into a coherent communication strategy taken with the classic business marketing approaches. The reaction takes place after the necessary validation through workshops bringing together stakeholders, communications officers from federal, cantonal and cities.


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